Dear God

Help me God. Because I am broken and lost. My path to follow has became a blur with my emotions. I am not trapped quite the opposite. I feel  able to do what I want, because unlike feeling like I have some many opinions  to look at I have to scrape to get one. 

Help me God. Give me compassion to those who inflicted pain on me. Those who say words to me that leave a scar inside me. Those who don’t know me past the time I walk from the store to my car and start conversations and start laughing about something I say or do or how I look.  

Help me God. To see the beauty in everyday. To look at myself and say I AM BEAUTIFUL because God said so. To find the imagination of every sunrise and the sparkle in every moonlight. 

Help me God. Let me REACH out to those who NEED YOU, those who DON’T THINK THY NEED YOU and those who JUST DON’T KNOW. 



In a Quite time

My tears never fall……off my check                                                                                

Pity never gets you far

To feel broken by never spoken praise                                                                                                              

   You can’t play  chess on  your family 

How can you be so different from me, we are the same.


 Our emotions take us to our differences. 

To feel hurt at every turn of event, to never click with anyone.

Hurt, with no understanding…..    



That is true, but selfishness is like greed  

and it eats at us with no hope of freely living.

Why are you always true at the end?

Because Satan plays with us but God’s wisdom works in the end.


To be Hurt is a painful proccess

But to wait and heal is a soothing process.