Veterans Day

Drip…………. Drop………              SPLASH

Colors of black,                              Smudges of red

The pain seems like it will never go away.

Funerals, one word and it means so many things. It’s time, a time of sorrow. Sure we try to rejoice, think positive, the person is with the Lord. The person we remember smiling, laughing is now silent in a casket deep in the ground.

I know funerals are a sad time. I always wanted to make every one happy. When I watched not the tears of the tall people but the tears that slide down the check cross the nose and tickled the lips of a little girls, that’s when it hit me. I personally felt the pain every one was going through. When my two cousins went through the sadness of knowing there papa (grandpa) was gone and in a better place. 

I can’t write down words to describe what I saw and I don’t think I want to.

 It‘s private when someone dies and even though you want to take away the pain…….. you have to realize only in time can the pain truly go away. 

He is waiting for us all

Good bye Uncle Stucky, until we all see you again.

He may be in Heaven now, but we all miss you and will think of you today!


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