Disable yourself from the world~ and then be free


What you chose to live in

Live through



this careful world

I                         S                  N’                  T 

 something solid

 but crumbles 

to ashes 

at the first narrow dark tunnel.

As America learns

we also fail

it is what

we have 


K                    N                 O         W          N 

a pattern reflecting

the lifestyles

we have drawn ourselves into…….

 Break free

 Let light shine


welcome the sorrow,


there is a 

P                          A                  T             H

that lead to home. 

Be lead by God

and walk with peace



If flowers could cry


Deep in the ground

rotted in love



growing in the promise of another day

Above the surface


Bursting with color

the flower blooms



Yet something holds it back. 

The waters not of the weather


Something more deep

Down in the root


something snapped

and out came a liquid

That crumpled the flower

and let it fall


casting only dropped flower petals

a hollow feeling


that no one can help

sorrow and tears


Not in fear or frustration


but a lonely solace 


that can’t be fixed.

october orange

Scratchy blankets

scarfs and gloves

warmer jackets


hot chocolate nights

Cinnamon and nutmeg

jack-o-lantern pumpkins

soft tipped pine-cones

memories by the fire

Crunch and swish

a walkway decorated by

October orange

Apple Cider red


Sunflower yellow leaves


A season of wonder

with scarecrows and wagon rides

family and friends

captured by the warmth of love


is in the air

un-spoken saddens

I dedicate this poem to a very special person in my life, An english teacher who touched my heart. Now that her baby is with the Lord, and waits for her arrival. This poem is in light of the current situations, and the hope that they can find. Yet, also a time for them all to grieve. 


in this world

it isn’t rare to find 

hurt,    pain,     tears


Yet each time

when the harshness runs in 

the punches throw you off guard

the bruises of the tragedy linger 


and I find

myself asking



eventually the tears 

will run dry

but forever will they be implanted on our faces


a silent yet daily reminder

of a life taken 

to soon. 


So we search

not really knowing what to find

only knowing

that when we do seek it out


the healing 

will be halfway started

So let this be a token,


a sign

something to let you know


I care, I am praying

I will be there.