(31) Grand Entrance

There comes a time

When all must say good bye

Thought that time

is beckoning soon

I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed posting and reading

 about the various ways of fall. 🙂

So thank you.

Thank you the the NaBloPoMo,

thanks to other bloggers,

those who commented

 and the wonderful posts I have read.

Thus said lets get back to the actually post.


I brush my feet through

each small and large pie of leaves

those resting on the ground have faded in their colors

as if they know what is to come next.


The leaves

from the trees

hold to the  branches

for their colors are bright and pretty

once fallen, given time their colors with close up.


Yet, I ask you not to look with saddened faces

but smile in soft memory, of the leaves that fell.

Remember how earnest we were to have them dance the streets.

How we melted just a little bit more, each time one fell.



As we journey into the next mouth

hold on to the anticipation of pumpkin pie, apple cider, and turkey.

For the more I think, the longer I pounder…..


What if October is to be the grand entrance for November

Without October we would scurry from summer warmth to Thanksgiving’s chill

Maybe, just possibly October is meant to be the wave

before we say hello to November.


Let’s not say good bye to October

but continue to walk into the

Autumn season, farther and further

Until we uncover all the beauty and mystery of the day.


(30) Who wouldn’t want the day I had….

Who wouldn’t want the day I had….

I woke up, got dressed, did my make up ready to walk with my mom, and then I looked outside. Sweet teardrops splattered on my window. There was no distant thunder or clashing lightning. Just a soft rain that played on my window. The sweet notes, barely able to hear but once heard, such a  beauty about them.

The rain only lasted about 2o minutes or so, but it was all worth it. My walk may have been canceled  but it was alright. I snuggled back into my sweats, pulled my blanket up and read my book.  I pulled the curtains up and watched the dark blue sky lighten to where the fog rested over everything.

The fog nested in every crack and open space. It enfolded my view outside and my walk towards classes. Yet, the rain only fueled my happiness. It was a pocket of happiness to pour down such wetness. The leaves that had fallen weeks ago, under the light of a Autumn afternoon now rested on the sidewalks, the stairs, the benches and up the sides of the buildings of an autumn morning.

The branches now only hold the last of the leaves, but WAIT!! Autumn isn’t over. We still have a whole month, to enjoy. So the rain, this morning rinsed away, and when it dries will let a new part of Autumn begin. 🙂

It is only noon, and I still get to enjoy the day. So I encourage you not to become discouraged when it rains, see it in a new light on a cloudy day. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy RAIN! Don’t see it as a miserable day.  Everything needs to be washed at some point. Love the rain, don’t hate.

Have wonderful, wet day! 🙂


(28) Theses Autumn days to capture.


The sweet buttery flavor of carmel is in the air

The flames of the fire continue to dance along the pathway

                                                                                       inclosed in the case

People scattered in, mostly in,close together. 

Their laughter joined together

Yet, some souls

who don’t fear the cool air 

instead rejoice upon the day!!!

With my pink gloves

black scarf

jeans and a sweater

I shall run through the day

Running, and jumping

through piles and piles of glorious leaves

Orange and red, yellow and brown

All together the sound..

                                              CruSh                    SwiSh                        CRUncH!

YES! My soul is happy

                                   It is alive.

The racing air of the day

cool and crisp

bites my nose, but fills my lungs

Fils them to the brim, fuels my happiness. 

And when the day 

becomes the night

the moon shines

and the stars dance

Slowly then shall I go 

inside my home, take off my scarf, gloves and jacket

Curl up in a blanket and sip my hot cocoa. 


(27) Days are coming to an end…

To say I have just enjoyed writing on this blog special would be such a lie. I can’t describe in enough words how much I love love love doing this. Not only have I been able to post my works out in the world more, I have read some pretty amazing blogs. 

So today/tonights blog isn’t specifically about Autumn or the season. Because to me, it don’t end until December. But I just want to showcase some really amazing blogers out there. Some new ones, and some that I have known for a while. 




Thanks for posting 🙂 


(23) Something more…follow the path of color

I was going to be lazy and give the excuse of a writer’s block, but I figured i own it to you all to write something. 

I have already talked about the leaves, the colors, the warm drinks, and the blankets. I a have talked about the pumpkin pie with whipped cream and the piles of leaves. 

{So what do I talk about now? 

See this is why I have a writer’s block. 

I don’t want to just say the same thing over and over again. }

As I continue to look outside my window for inspiration all I see is trees. They are all  bunched together. My imaginative heart tells me I could just jump out my window and hop across them. And each time my foot is steadied on them the golden magic of the day unfolds it’s self.  But that is just a dream, one to reflect and smile to myself about. 

As I tilt my head over I see a path way high and I wish it would lead somewhere different. Where all my fantasies would come true 🙂 It bends a little, the path as if it is inviting me. From here it doesn’t look far, as if all I have to do is look long enough to be there.

My mind keeps going back to wild-flowers. All I want to do right now is run in a field of them. They are just so pretty. So freeing. As if nothing else in the world matters 🙂  So If you have a really good, or good picture of wild-flowers please post it in the comment section below. Wild-flowers are the best in the fall. 🙂 

(22) The day is just right

Today is just so wonderful!!! Even if there are things that hurt,

and people who say stupid things,

the leaves are falling. 

I think one of the best things about NE is the wind. I love it, and the day is just that much better. I mean not when it is really cold and snowing, then I like to be in my house 🙂 But in the fall, the wind is perfect. There are all these trees that surround me, and each day the leaves continue to fall, they pile of in heaps of piles and it is just so much fun!!!!The leaves are stuck in everything.The sand, the chairs, the ground, the rooftops, the stairs on my backpack and even on my head.  The wind just blows the leaves it is a beautiful canvas to be painted. 

The colors are just so pretty! There is this one tree that holds my captive, it is this red tree to most. But to me it is such a dark red it almost looks purple and at the very core of the tree is this pure green.  This other tree is like a burnt red, the ashes of the color meshed in with this orange. And  in small spots the yellow spots out. With such a cloudy day, the snow only shinning sometimes. The trees are just exploding with color. Some trees have all but lost their leaves. The brown rustic branches are a beautiful silhouette.  

The day is just right.


(21) Puff of Air

My breath came sharp and hard, it blew from my mouth and made little puffs into the air.  The walk, as every Monday can be, was quite and lonely.  I wrapped my shawl closer  but the wind was more powerful.  It sliced through my clothes, it escaped under my pant legs and into the entrance of my sleeves. My face burned as the chill froze on to my eyes, nose, and mouth.  My hands silently cracked under the dry moister of the day. My pace quickened as I her a twig snap behind me.


It was the first third week of harvest. The men came home later, and later, even as the moon would rise in the sky. The morning though held little light. The sun buried under clouds of coolness. A blanket of fog rested on the tips of the trees and concealed the area in an eeriness of ways.

It was only foolish to walk such a path at night. In the morning, everything was fine. Yet, the back hairs of my neck raised high, and I was soon in a running pace. The trees in the fiery color danced on the sky. Bright oranges, dark reds and clammy yellows stole the day. They leaves fell all day long, yet by night there were still leave to fall for morning. Somedays the wind would blow hard, and sweep the leaves from every direction. Leaf storm, is what we called them. The Jack-o-lanterns rested on each doorstep. Some mean and ferocious while others were sweet and inviting.  A distant howl, changed my thought from the use to days to the present ones. It didn’t help to hear my footsteps fast on the ground. Crouching below my shoes.


I turned a corner to find a dead end, my greatest fear began as the leaves started to move. The wind hurried them up and around. These leaf cycles were sharp and at a quick speed could hurt. I shielded my face as they came closer.  The twig snapped once more, two hands grabbed me, pulled me from the cycle and the it was dark.


(15) Autumn Hideout

My destination fall hid out is my family’s cabin in South Dakota.

 It is thee place to relax at. Not only is it really hidden in the forest. 

But it has all elements of that one perfect fall day. 

Here are a few reasons why it is so special…

  1. Carmel puffed popcorn. It is a must, I shall try to get the recipe on posted.
  2. blankets. Warm, fuzzy blankets. 
  3. Real fire. The embers heat till that wonderful orange, sparks dance and the cedar scent melts me. 
  4. The trees. They are so pretty. The nature trail is just one discovery after another. 🙂 
  5. The Lake. Not yet frozen. Just gently sweeping little waves up, and splashing them on the rocks. 

Where is your Autumn hideout?

Comment below, I would love to hear about them!

Have a blessed day 🙂 


(15) I love Autumn, and it loves me!

Some may say my love for Autumn is odd, but I just don’t care what they have to say. Or at least I am trying.  It has come to my recent attention that I have allowed the thought of people to cloud my judgement. Just because some people seem so bent on hurting others, doesn’t mean everyone is that way. If I allow people from my past to dictate my future then I’m not any better than them.

Sometime it’s difficult to enjoy the world. There is sin that hangs over the earth. But sometimes, it isn’t as hard as we think when something can motivate us. I happen to love Autumn. It is part of me, part of my DNA! I love to smell the leaves that have fallen. There is such a unique smell to them, fresh but wet at the same time. I also love to look out my window, and see the wind blow so hard. Knowing that I am safe in my home, curled up in a blanket. Surrounded by my family. I love when my sister makes hot chocolate. Not from the box, but mixes the ingredients together, with warm milk. And garnishes it so wonderfully with marshmallows and cool whip!  ( She really is good at that!!!! ) I love that football starts up.

Because autumn isn’t just leaves changing. It is a cultural thing. People wear sweaters and scarfs. They order soup and tea. People spend their Saturdays, Sundays and Monday nights watching football. ( At least at my house they do, and sometimes Thursday nights).  People call each other more, because it is too cold to meet each other.  People play board games, as lame as that might sound to some, they do. I do 🙂 I love board games, my newest favorite is Parcheesi!

I love Autumn, and it loves me. I am more at ease in Autumn, because even if I am having a bad day, the leaves still fall, the wind stays cool and the blankets give me the best hug. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog. I did. I like writing about my family, love and God. Have a blessed day!

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

― Dalai Lama XIV




(14) This moment

The air is so cold

It suck the moister from my hand


The rain so cold

it soaks into my shoes


The fire so warm

It softens, and melts my heart


The wind and rain

from inside only look peaceful and cozy

For I am sheltered from the outside

Able to find happiness inside

as I sip on my carmel apple cider


Life is good

in this hour

in this day

in this moment

an Autumn moment.