(1) When the leaves fall….

I am doing this wonderful blog challenge, provided by NaBloPoMo so to speak where each day we write about Autumn!!! It is truly grand and makes me so happy.


It really is so exciting!! Today is the first day of October, which means soon very soon the leaves will start changing. When the leaves transform by God’s handiwork to vibrant colors of cinnamon spiced brown, apple cider red and pumpkin-carving orange, that is when my heart begins to melt.

For starters it is such a change, by the end of the Autumn season there won’t be a single leaf on a tree..but I am getting WAY ahead of myself.  However, each time the wind picks up the leaves fall down. And because Autumn is so grand we receive this beautiful pathway for at least two months. The sidewalks soon become filled with these beautiful colors. You can’t help but want to rush over, sweep up the leaves, throw them in the air and dance around as they fall back down. Besides the child-like feeling I get when I see  leaves, I also stop and stand in wonder on how beautifully crafted the leaves are that they all mesh well together. Not one color stands out but boldly they are all a showcase for the day.

So now I wait, with an ever so earnest heart, waiting for that day, when the Lord gives the go, and the wind whips through the branches and the leaves begin to fall. I know it will be a day of dancing and smiling, when I feel the leaves on my face and hear them as I walk.

Grab your blankest, your fuzzy-wuzzy socks. Sip on your hot cocoa or apple cider and indulged with me, these beautiful Autumn days…. 🙂


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