(3) The escape to Autumn

As she gazed out to the ocean she had loved for the past years she searched for something more. Her toes almost touched the clear water. The tide came and went as it pleased. Her long blonde hair danced in the air and the sun played on her skin. The air was breezy but never too cold. She waited awhile longer and just as she was to leave, disappointment clouding her lovely face, it appeared.  Quickly turning, she stared into the floating mirror. She braced herself as she lightly tapped the mirror. It was hard and solid only noting her appearance. Yet, determined she tried again, and her hand went through.  Trying to hold back her excitement  she looked around cautiously and seeing no bystanders, jumped through the mirror.

The landscape drastically changed before her, and when she turned she was only her reflection staying at her.  Without having to think she made a bee line for her Grandmother Jack’s house. This wasn’t the first time the mirror had appeared. She had gone from her sunny California home into the mirror and to her grandmother’s Nebraska home four times now. She didn’t question it, and neither did her grandmother.  She was about a five miles from the house, and there to the right was her horse. How it knew to be there she didn’t know nor did she care. She hopped on quickly and they went flying. The air was cool, as Autumn had set in about two weeks ago. The trees looked like mosaic painting from afar. Beautifully crafted, you could get lost in the forest. However, rain started to pour and she and her horse went faster. Once at the house, off she was, inside her grandmothers front door. Savory chili rested on the back burner, the table was set for two, and mugs poured with hot tea rested by the bowls. Her grandmother turned at the noise and smiled, then frowned. Walking over to the roaring fire she grabbed a near by blanket and wrapped it around her.

She always loved her grandmothers house in the fall. Her grandmother always gathered the pinecones and then toss them in the fire, watch them enhance in beauty. She would also smash up the leaves and make popurri out of it. She had flowers everywhere. Wildflowers, of yellow and orange, and the cranberries to dust the bottom of the vases. She and her grandmother laughed and ate. And soon they sat by the fire, head the rain outside and ate their apple pie.

The time would come for the girl to go back through the mirror, it would appear in her grandmother’s room. She tried not to go back, but in the morning she woke up at home. It was all true, her Grandmother would send her the pictures. So once in awhile, She would escape from sunny side Cali and enjoy her Autumn with Grandmother.



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