(4) Halloween costumes :)

My favorite halloween costume…. I really can’t pick my favorite, because I have to many that I love.  I have always dressed up for Halloween, it is just in my blood to dress up.

One year I was a hippie. It was the first costume that barely showed my stomach! That was so new to me. But I had a blast.  Another year I was a show girl. Super fun! My sister had this dance costume that she let me were. It had the black sequins, and bright red lining. I think I might have even worn a top hat, and I defiantly had cane 🙂 I think it really worked in my favor that I did dance when I was younger, and through middle school. I had so many fun costumes to wear and change up because of those years. 🙂  One of my most memorable costumes was Lady Gaga… I wore this bright purple wig, fake long nails, this  purple halloween top, black boots, leggings, and a skirt. Crazy headband thing and possibly false eyelashes. I got so many complements that year. It was a BIG hit!!!!!!!

I remember one year, I got really sick.  I had been sick for a while and I could go trick or treating. I wasn’t able to dress up, pretty disappointing. I guess that year I dressed up as a sick person, and really took it to the extreme. However, no matter my age, I think I will always dress up. I love Halloween. It is so fun to dress up and for one night, be who or what you ever wanted to be. There is such creativity involved, ranging from baby Yoda’s to terrifying teen monster.  It is just such a fun night, you would really be a grouch not to get into it.

However, I feel there is a need to address some specific things about trick or treating.

The #1 rule is, If you are NOT going to hand out candy, don’t have your lights on. Don’t have inside or outside lights on. Embrace Halloween and be a ghost house, where people will know you aren’t going to be handing out candy. Rule #2 Always give out candy, not granola bars, or fruit. CANDY!!! It is the one night were we have the freedom to get as MUCH candy as we want!!!! So hand out candy.  #3 Adapt to your neighborhood. If you know you have a neighborhood of smaller children don’t be that person who make a super creepy house. I haven’t  experienced this one, but I have heard of it. You can totally ignore this but, I just thought I would put my two bits in. Have a wonderful Autumn weekend!!!!




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