(8) The weather…will humans ever get it right?

I was recently talking to one of my very dear fiends, and we got to talking about the weather. I think another reason I love fall, is that it confess confuses people. Everyone knows, Summer is HOT and Winter is COLD. But Autumn and Spring..eh not so much. While my friend and I were talking she mentioned that is was going to be 80 degrees today, when I started to complain she replied by saying. “80 degrees in the Fall isn’t as hot as 80 degrees in the Fall. And she was so true. Yesterday it was up to 80ish but it wasn’t HOT, it was actually really pleasant.  The weather has started to change, and it makes sense that 80 in the Autumn couldn’t be as HOT as it is in the summer. Now, I am not a weather person, nor am I a scientist, so I can’t for sure say that this is all scientifically knowledgeable. 🙂 Just something to think  on.

Another tempeture that is a puzzle to some is 50 degrees. In the spring time, after a COLD winter, 50 degrees is like a heat wave. People crank out the capris, and T-shirts…with no jacket! However, the 50’s come in the middle of the night, so when we wake up we are afraid there is frost on our windshield. We can’t seem to put on our jeans fast enough, or grab our gloves and hats. There is nothing wrong with these two scenarios. They are just something to look back on and chuckle.

The weather will always seem to confuse us, but we just have to learn to be flexible. That is something I have learned as I have lived my life, but now in college, it is so funny to see my roommate and new friend have this confused, half-frozen look on their face.

So wherever you are in the world, whatever the weather, enjoy you beautiful Autumn days!!!



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