(10 ) Jumping in a pile of leaves or in a puddle…..

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This is so hard. I love rain. I mean when everyone else burrows in their homes, all I want to do is run out in the rain. The smell of rain, is irresistible, I just love it!!! And then after a storm has passed those puddles form, it is just wonderful. But then if you think of  a pile of leaves it is so air like, the crunch of the leaves under your body spreads a smile from ear to ear.

So for me to pick…I just can’t. I think they both have an air to them. A freedom. I haven’t done either in forever. Because they are both part of my childhood. Something that just wouldn’t “look right”, if I did it now. As if all would turn their noses at me, and shake their heads. That look to make me think…What was I thinking?   Plus I don’t know if gravity would be in my favor if I just to effortlessly fall into the leaves. I also don’t know if I have as much confidence as I once had for jumping in puddles. But overall, I honestly love jumping in a puddle, just as much as a pile of leaves.

So when no one is looking, I will take off my shoes and splash in the puddles. When no one is watching, I race into the grass and roll in the leaves. I like having, the freedom to smile and be happy. And that is difficult to do at time. When we live in a sinful world. I think God just grants us these tiny wisps of joy, to let us know he is in control, and that life can get better.

Thats why I try to make sure to thank God everyday, for each beautiful Autumn day. So enjoy and have a good day!!!



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