(22) The day is just right

Today is just so wonderful!!! Even if there are things that hurt,

and people who say stupid things,

the leaves are falling. 

I think one of the best things about NE is the wind. I love it, and the day is just that much better. I mean not when it is really cold and snowing, then I like to be in my house 🙂 But in the fall, the wind is perfect. There are all these trees that surround me, and each day the leaves continue to fall, they pile of in heaps of piles and it is just so much fun!!!!The leaves are stuck in everything.The sand, the chairs, the ground, the rooftops, the stairs on my backpack and even on my head.  The wind just blows the leaves it is a beautiful canvas to be painted. 

The colors are just so pretty! There is this one tree that holds my captive, it is this red tree to most. But to me it is such a dark red it almost looks purple and at the very core of the tree is this pure green.  This other tree is like a burnt red, the ashes of the color meshed in with this orange. And  in small spots the yellow spots out. With such a cloudy day, the snow only shinning sometimes. The trees are just exploding with color. Some trees have all but lost their leaves. The brown rustic branches are a beautiful silhouette.  

The day is just right.



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