(23) Something more…follow the path of color

I was going to be lazy and give the excuse of a writer’s block, but I figured i own it to you all to write something. 

I have already talked about the leaves, the colors, the warm drinks, and the blankets. I a have talked about the pumpkin pie with whipped cream and the piles of leaves. 

{So what do I talk about now? 

See this is why I have a writer’s block. 

I don’t want to just say the same thing over and over again. }

As I continue to look outside my window for inspiration all I see is trees. They are all  bunched together. My imaginative heart tells me I could just jump out my window and hop across them. And each time my foot is steadied on them the golden magic of the day unfolds it’s self.  But that is just a dream, one to reflect and smile to myself about. 

As I tilt my head over I see a path way high and I wish it would lead somewhere different. Where all my fantasies would come true 🙂 It bends a little, the path as if it is inviting me. From here it doesn’t look far, as if all I have to do is look long enough to be there.

My mind keeps going back to wild-flowers. All I want to do right now is run in a field of them. They are just so pretty. So freeing. As if nothing else in the world matters 🙂  So If you have a really good, or good picture of wild-flowers please post it in the comment section below. Wild-flowers are the best in the fall. 🙂 


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