(28) Theses Autumn days to capture.


The sweet buttery flavor of carmel is in the air

The flames of the fire continue to dance along the pathway

                                                                                       inclosed in the case

People scattered in, mostly in,close together. 

Their laughter joined together

Yet, some souls

who don’t fear the cool air 

instead rejoice upon the day!!!

With my pink gloves

black scarf

jeans and a sweater

I shall run through the day

Running, and jumping

through piles and piles of glorious leaves

Orange and red, yellow and brown

All together the sound..

                                              CruSh                    SwiSh                        CRUncH!

YES! My soul is happy

                                   It is alive.

The racing air of the day

cool and crisp

bites my nose, but fills my lungs

Fils them to the brim, fuels my happiness. 

And when the day 

becomes the night

the moon shines

and the stars dance

Slowly then shall I go 

inside my home, take off my scarf, gloves and jacket

Curl up in a blanket and sip my hot cocoa. 



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