(30) Who wouldn’t want the day I had….

Who wouldn’t want the day I had….

I woke up, got dressed, did my make up ready to walk with my mom, and then I looked outside. Sweet teardrops splattered on my window. There was no distant thunder or clashing lightning. Just a soft rain that played on my window. The sweet notes, barely able to hear but once heard, such a  beauty about them.

The rain only lasted about 2o minutes or so, but it was all worth it. My walk may have been canceled  but it was alright. I snuggled back into my sweats, pulled my blanket up and read my book.  I pulled the curtains up and watched the dark blue sky lighten to where the fog rested over everything.

The fog nested in every crack and open space. It enfolded my view outside and my walk towards classes. Yet, the rain only fueled my happiness. It was a pocket of happiness to pour down such wetness. The leaves that had fallen weeks ago, under the light of a Autumn afternoon now rested on the sidewalks, the stairs, the benches and up the sides of the buildings of an autumn morning.

The branches now only hold the last of the leaves, but WAIT!! Autumn isn’t over. We still have a whole month, to enjoy. So the rain, this morning rinsed away, and when it dries will let a new part of Autumn begin. 🙂

It is only noon, and I still get to enjoy the day. So I encourage you not to become discouraged when it rains, see it in a new light on a cloudy day. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy RAIN! Don’t see it as a miserable day.  Everything needs to be washed at some point. Love the rain, don’t hate.

Have wonderful, wet day! 🙂



2 thoughts on “(30) Who wouldn’t want the day I had….

  1. When I was first married, we lived in an old farmhouse with a tin roof. Oh my god, when it rained and the rained tapped on that roof, it was completely impossible to stay awake in that house! It just begged for you to crawl under a quilt and let the sound lull you to sleep. I miss that roof!

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