(31) Grand Entrance

There comes a time

When all must say good bye

Thought that time

is beckoning soon

I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed posting and reading

 about the various ways of fall. 🙂

So thank you.

Thank you the the NaBloPoMo,

thanks to other bloggers,

those who commented

 and the wonderful posts I have read.

Thus said lets get back to the actually post.


I brush my feet through

each small and large pie of leaves

those resting on the ground have faded in their colors

as if they know what is to come next.


The leaves

from the trees

hold to the  branches

for their colors are bright and pretty

once fallen, given time their colors with close up.


Yet, I ask you not to look with saddened faces

but smile in soft memory, of the leaves that fell.

Remember how earnest we were to have them dance the streets.

How we melted just a little bit more, each time one fell.



As we journey into the next mouth

hold on to the anticipation of pumpkin pie, apple cider, and turkey.

For the more I think, the longer I pounder…..


What if October is to be the grand entrance for November

Without October we would scurry from summer warmth to Thanksgiving’s chill

Maybe, just possibly October is meant to be the wave

before we say hello to November.


Let’s not say good bye to October

but continue to walk into the

Autumn season, farther and further

Until we uncover all the beauty and mystery of the day.


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