My Shadow’s delight

Today, in a rare occurrence was one of thee BEST Fall days 🙂 The days that had come from November had been cooler, with more of an intake then those of October.  The morning and evenings have this bitter chill to them. By the time noon hangs in the sky my shivering lips and chattering teeth start to warm, yet by 4 or 5 I burry myself back into my room and watch the moon come out far to early.

However, as I was about to explain, today was not like the others. I can’t say for sure about the morning, because I accidentally slept through it. Nevertheless, when I stepped outside I felt fresh. The wind was the first hello I received and it felt wonderful. The leaves might have been my favorite today though. Most of them have since fallen from the trees. Now they rest in the groves of the sidewalk. Unless the winds picks up. Then they are dancing in the breeze and spiraling out of control. They are crisp and dry up on my palm. Also the sun was out, and unlike days past the warmth was also in the sun.  It shines all day long and allowed for the perfect silhouette for my shadow. 

So thank you God for this wonderful day, and a smiling night. For you looked around and said it was Good 🙂 

~Blessings to you all 🙂 


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