This Time is Here


In the month of  December I have decided to challenge myself to write poems, short stories, food for thoughts, anything you can image under the beautiful sky God has created. I did something similar to this back in October, and I loved it. So for the month of December, I will be writing every day. I am pretty excited about it.  If you have any suggestions, I will take them into consideration. I can’t say I will write about them all, but I do hope to right about December, Winter, Christmas, baby Jesus,  cookies, songs and I will even throw in Santa Clause…well you get the point. 🙂  My only limitations is that on Sunday and Thursday will defiantly be a poem day.  So without further ado….. 🙂

This Time is Here

The bells of Christmas have started

The trees, lights and stars have been placed.

Nativities  on the  shelves with lights cascading on it. 

I keep thinking…. so this is Christmas.

 Lyrics to a song, I can’t place right now

Christmas songs, in my head, all the time

A smile on my face.

Knowing the time is coming

The celebration the world knew of

Long ago, and yet today

We sing and dance

we shout his grace

Because this is Christmas. 

Merry Christmas to all for He is born!


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