How the times can change

In 1944, the musical Meet Me in St. Louis, Judy Garland preformed the song Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Hugh Martin wrote the sweet song and it has be modified many times. The song was used when Judy Garland’s character, Esther sings to her little sister.  The original lyrics are different than what we sing in the car today.

Some of they lyrics were, “Have yourself a merry little Christmas/ It may be your last/ Next year we may be living in the past/ Have yourself a merry little Christmas/ Pop that champagne cork/ Next year we may all be living in New York”.  When Martin brought the song to the director he described it as too depressing, so Martin changed the lyrics. Although you wasn’t happy to at first he changed some to the following.

Instead of, “It will be your last/ Next year we may be living in the past, because the more common lyrics., “ Let your heart be light/Next year all our troubles will be out of sight”. Personally, I like both, however, I think it is more popular with the new lyrics. Once recorded this song became poplar during WWII, which brought many soldiers to tears.

Later in 1957, Frank Sinatra was working on a Christmas Album, called A Jolly Christmas. Frank asked Martin if he could change to lyric, “Until then we’ll muddle through somehow”. Frank didn’t want his Album to sound too sound. So Martin changed it to, “Hang a shinning star upon the highest bough”. Another modified lyrics of the song even changed the title. It was called, Have Yourself a Blessed Christmas. This was done by Martin because of his religious ministry. Along with John Frickle made the whole song into a Christian song.  Some of the lyrics include: “Have yourself a blessed little Christmas / Christ the King is born / Let your voices ring upon this happy morn / Have yourself a blessed little Christmas/ Serenade the earth/ Tell the world we celebrate the Savior’s birth”.

I personally love this song. It seems to continue to stay in my head and my heart. I recently heard it sung by Christiana Aguilera. I also love, when the Celtic Women sing it, also Whitney Houston. She could sing it in a way, that melts my heart. There are many Christmas songs I love, but this one isn’t as popular as, Silent Night, or Santa Clause is coming to town.   That is it for today. I didn’t realize how long this was but I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Below are a few links to my favorite performances of the song. 🙂

Cristiana Aguilera ~

Whitney Houston~

Jonny Mathis~

Merry Christmas to all, for HE is born!


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