Christmas wouldn’t be the same without…..

ChRiStMaS TreeS

There are big bushy ones. There are slim green ones. There are even small pink ones and sparkly stout ones. There are ones made out of cardboard, and ice. Some are buttons, bows and ribbons. There are those made out of pop cans, beer cans, pop bottles and even plastic wrap.  They are made upright and surprisingly upside down. ( Why they do this i don’t know).

It you haven’t guessed, I am talking about Christmas trees. They are just really cool. My family had the difficult task of picking out a tree. We had debated getting a real one. However, we decided to get an artificial tree. We looked at big ones, small ones, there was even a gold glittery one with pine cones.  They were all so pretty. However, even if they are glitz up we had to remember what all goes on our tree. For all the lights, ornaments and don’t forget the garland. So we had to go for more of a Charlie brown tree, so we had those branches that could hang ornaments.

I love our tree, it is perfect. Our last tree was big and bulky, it took up the room instead of completing the room. The white lights are perfect for the rich wood work in the room. So what tree do you have? Or what is your dream home?

Mine would have twinkling lights, although I like white lights, I think I would want multi-color.   I think I would have a mixture of old and new ornaments. There were be gold and silver garland. It would be a tall tree. I think I would want pinecones in mine as well. 🙂 There are many things I would want but I would have to have multiple different trees 🙂

So comment below your tree you have or your dream tree. Or both. I would love the comments. Or post a picture of your favorite tree 🙂

Below are some of my favorite trees 🙂

d2b7e6840c6eaf4d5ffc55b8a735f00f             724d3f99f90a7cef79dbf9ffc7899d0b        58557547284c1fdca44e99b32c895cdf      ebcb186f02509a3c9c2636d01c689c8d          5949512c9fdf95799bc5b7d6f8a64f14

And here is mine… Not the one at home but the other one 🙂


Merry Christmas to all, for HE is born!


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