*~It is just a tad cool outside ~*

Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!  It is only a high of 25 today!!!!! That means it is cold enough to snow! I think the winters chill is here to stay. I look out my window and started to shake. Outside welcomes only a chill that has frozen over the trees. They are crisp, no longer alive in their autumn colors. They are frozen from branch to truck. Covered in a frost that shakes you to the core.

My foot touched the ground and the air was harsh and un-real. The wind blew with no conscious. Wetness rises to my eye, but I can’t cry. Because if the pools of water cascade down they will only freeze, no farther past my nose.   Plus my face has already got a beating. The ice chill froze on my lips.

Today isn’t going to get any warmer. So I must bundle up, put on my hood, place on my gloves and zip up my coat. The day is slick, and cold.  And now the snow has started to fall.


Have a warm, cozy, ( slightly isolate) Anti-social day!!…

..Because that is what I am going to do 🙂

Merry Christmas to all, For He is born


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