Time to bake!

O the joys of Holiday baking

For baking and cooking are always fun

When you have the best people working

with you.

Today, on this fridged day

My mom and I tucked ourselves inside.

We watched the wind blow and harden on the ground.

Yet inside we were playing with magic.

We mixed and rolled,

tasted and sweetened

We waited and watched

Movies of love and laughter

We cranked up the oven

We placed the little and stout

gingerbread men and women..and little babies

on sheets of parchment paper

We waited for them to rise up

Once out we decorated and tasted

She swirled frosting and I placed red and green M&M’s

On each and everyone one.

The kitchen smelled of

Molasses, Oreo cookie fudge and Mint filled, chocolate dipped cookies

Better than any candle, for certain.

Once finisehd we rested

We hugged.

And when it was time to leave

The memories kept me warm.


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