12 things of Christmas :)

12 Things about this Christmas elf.

1.Favorites Christmas songs? The little drummer boy, Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Rudolph the Red- Nose Reindeer, O little Town of Bethlehem. 

2. Hot chocolate or Apple Cider? Hot chocolate 🙂 

3. White lights or multi-colored? Both! 

4. Did or Do you believe in Santa Claus? My sister didn’t let me believe in him, but when I was younger I think I would have. I do believe in St. Nick. 

5. Real or Artificial tree? We have an artificial, but someday I want a real one.

6. Favorite Christmas goodies? FUDGE! Sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies. 

7.Hallmark movies? YES! I watch as many as I can!!!! 

8. Do you like winter? I love the colors of winter. I love how cozy winter can be. Plus  I love running outside and twirling in the falling snow. 

9. Favorite decoration? I love putting up my village. It is just so fun to tell a story. 🙂 

10. Snowman, Santa, Reindeer stuffed animal? Snowman! There is just something about Snowman I love! 

11. Skate or sled? Sledding  for sure! Skating is pretty, I am just not good at it. Plus makes my feet too cold. 

12. Is Christmas just about presents? Yes and No. The reason I celebrate Christmas is because long time ago, a little baby was born. A special baby that would later die for me. A little baby that loves me. God have the best gift we could have, salvation and grace. Yes, people exchange presents, and it is all in fun and love. No it isn’t just getting presents. We also should give presents. 

Merry Christmas to all, for He is born!


2 thoughts on “12 things of Christmas :)

  1. Your sister didn’t let you believe in Santa Claus!? How come?
    What kind of village do you put up? I love tiny villages – you should post a photo(:

    Love all the Christmas decorations on your blog 😀

  2. Hahahah 🙂 She thoughts the idea of a man sneaking in out house was cre. hahaha 🙂
    I can’t put mine up this year. 😦 super sad, because we switched rooms and we don’t have enough room to put it up. But I also love tiny villages 🙂

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