Thank you Jesus!

I dedicate this poem to two very special ladies in my life. My grandma Ruthann has been there for me. She has inspired me to write all the time. She is so dear to me. The other lady I dedicate this to, is Victoria Langdon! She may not be related to me on a certificate or by blood/marriage. But to the heart she is related to me.  They both have encouraged me to write. Thank you, thank you!!


There are only nine days until christmas

I wonder what Mary thought

I wonder what Joseph thought

I wonder what the Shepard thought

I wonder what the Wise Men thought

I wonder what we think

I wonder if we ever ask

I wonder when we realized

That Christmas wasn’t

about the


the Christmas songs

the christmas movies

the christmas cookies ( even how much I love them:)

I wonder how God smiled

When Christmas touched

the earth.

After years

of sadness, and sorrow

the birth of hope


in the tiny parts

A baby was born

He was born for all

Merry  Christmas 


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