Fear no more!

What can I write about…that hasn’t already been done?

What can I say that hasn’t already been said?

 How can I describe something I wasn’t present for,

yet have heard each year.

The wonder portrayed to me each year.


I ask myself

 do I do that.

I guess I don’t. Instead I write, what Christ means to me.

The little baby he was and the sacrifice he did.

Not just for me…but for ALL mankind.

Your Glory, not my own, Lord. 


a baby’s cries pierced the world

a world not ready, yet waiting so earnestly.

a Mother’s plea for a room

falls on deaf ears, and closed doors.

a Man’s search, to do God’s will

blind was the road he walked, though not forgotten was he.


The Star shined for all,

for the lowest of men, the shepherds in the fields.

to the highest of kings, three wise men came.

to point to the child, his mother and Joseph.


Hallelujah! For he is born this day!

A night, such  a holy night

one filled with the mystery of God

a census, what a silly action, yet a work of God.

to illustrate who this king would be.

“Fear not”, the angel said to the shepherds, and to us.

“For I bring you good news of great joy!” the angel replied, to our confused and scared hearts.

“Today, in the town of David, a savior has been born.” the angel announced with great joy.

“For you!” the angel smiled, the Lord’s words washed away our sadness and grief.

From that night forth,

Go tell it on the mountain.

The news for all, for you and me.

Christ is born

Christ is here

He is here for you

He is here for me.

Fear not

Fear, no more.

Merry Christmas to all, Merry Christmas.


Luke 2:1-20


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