Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! 

It is that time again. The time of when people head to the gym, stop the sweets, go on a detox, and become more devoted to their friends and family. 

I normally don’t write down my NY Res. however, it is easier to do them if you remember what they all were. True, some of mine were getting in better shape, taking better care of myself. I mean, who doesn’t do that….think back on all the fudge and cookies and sweets, all those delicious foods we all savored over the holiday. Yes, it is time to get back in the swing on things. My Uncle once said, you might as well stuff your face at Christmas time. If not, when you start to get back in shape and you say I lost 10 pounds people will probably be like…ok. But if you gorge yourself on holiday foods and then say I lost 25 pounds! Then you will probably get more excitement. 🙂 

Thinking back on my oh so recent NYR. ( New year Resolutions) Other ones I have are to keep a journal. I really hope to keep this one up. I forget things sometimes, so I think if I kept a journal it would help. I also am deciding to do mine on line. On a writing software I have. I encourage you to, if you are thinking like me, do it on something you know well. I do love the idea of an actual book, but I don’t have one. Besides I was able to play on the software, and it really is going well.  I think it was really my sister that made me think about it. 

Another one of my resolutions is called Jar of happiness. You write down one good things that happened each day and then in the next month you read one. Originally you were suppose to do it every day. However, with me that wouldn’t work, and I think you should have set guidelines. That way it is easier to accomplish all you want. 

I also wrote out my prayers for this year. God does work in mysterious ways. It helps me to sometimes write down my prayers. I know when I look over them, He will have answered them. Another way, I have written down my prayers is through a bible study session I do with some girls. It’s called God Box. Once a week we talk, and at the end of the time we each get a note care. WE have neon colors, but you can do white ones as well. You write down all you want to tell God. Then the girl to your left prays for you. At the end you but the card in a box. We chose a clear one so you can see the colors in it. 🙂  ( Maybe later I will have pictures…we will see. 🙂 

So there are some of mine. I would love to hear some of yours. Enjoy reading 🙂 

~Blessings and Laughs~ 


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