An Older Brother

As I stared out my cloudy window 

The rain drops plunking down 

Hard, crisp, sounds splattered 

On the roof, the tin roof they pound. 


Once reflecting back

On the 80 years, I’ve lived

The thin smile barely bright

Yet, my heart is so light


When the clouds roll in

when the sun doesn’t shine

my feet want to leap

in the big wet puddle


The tender spot in my heart

is pulled by one person

He never seemed to cease

for making me special


 He threatened my boyfriends

some his own friends

He pushed away my bullies 

and wiped my tears they gave


He taught me things the world didn’t

Football, basketball, and an occasional  poker game

Nothing was sugar coated, yet he always was by my side

He was that kind of person, never changing. 


My wrinkled face crinkles a bit

Tears of remembrance, slide quickly down

For the best man I knew

I am talking of course

of my older brother 


So, I do continue to watch

maybe later I will go outside

Smell the scents of the air

taking time  feel him near









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