Why am I a writer?

I look back through my writings

wondering why I said those things

Wishing I had that spark

To inspire others to think


Should I write down those words

Should I document my thoughts 

Unknowing what they can hold

Believing in what I am taught


If this is 

some talent I have

then why can’t my words

speak louder than my mouth


My jumbled ideas

are just words on a page

to read for awhile

but not to remember a day


What does it mean

to have that title

to be a ‘writer’

if I can’t even rhyme ? 


If all the great poets

do it, then why can’t I

Is my answer in my question

perhaps I am not a great one


I don’t mean to depress

I just write what I think

Perhaps that is what 

writers do best


So maybe one day

I shall be like the rest

Maybe I will even say 

 a little sweet rhyme


Or maybe  future readers

will instead inspire

me to write deeper

with more truth in my words


It won’t be me, 

who has the light

but you who reads this

and shares my delight


There always is

that time to dream

And when I do

I just happen  to write


So continue to live

for it’s you that I write

The world is not my oyster

instead is my fight


It takes me by surprise

it opens my eyes

Makes me think a little harder

do a little better


Why, I ask myself

am I a writer


I suppose for instances such as this

that I can’t help but believe 

there are choices for us all

we must just pick our paths


Discover the good 

and also the bad

I suppose maybe

that is why I


am a writer. 


2 thoughts on “Why am I a writer?

  1. I really liked this!
    Great flow/rhythm – it’s serious but, and I’m kind of reaching for the right word here, whimsical. Yes, I think that’s what I’m looking for – you’ve achieved a balance of seriousness and whimsicality. I especially enjoyed the rhymes/half-rhymes you snuck in(: Well done!

    This question is something we all must ask, or something that must be asked of us, and I think we grow every-time we try to answer it.

    • Thank you so much. You comment means so much to me. I agree, this question, probably won’t always be answers, but there will always be reasons and ideas.

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