*~ My Mother Mentioned ~*

As the groundhogs curse settles in

I can’t help but fight his winter predictions


Yes, even as I lookout my window

I see the coolness about me. 

Perhaps though, they are all wrong


My mother mention, 

the little birds chirp 

the sky’s not so gray

and the day not so short


The groundhog may have predictions

He might have said, more winter

Although, our fleeting hearts

Can’t help, but hope 

for spring  just around the corner


Yes, even know, I hear spring, wait and see

Spring is coming sooner than we all think. 



*image from Shuterstock 


Middle of Winter

this mind aches for a poem.

She want to see the poetry in other’s

Yet such as this young girl wants rain in the middle of winter, 

the words are not there for her to write. 


A blank canvas, it is all out there

Yet, hidden in her own thoughts,

She feels puzzled, as the wall continues to push on her

this brain wants something to spark her heart

To pick something from the ordinary day


She seemed hesitant, losing her streak

Fighting to keep it, and trying to share it.

Fear and standards keep pushing her away

All these jumbled idea, bouncing around

to sort them out, it is frustrating


Although, because of her love

She will do just that, find the poem


Sometimes, it is easier to write things down

Then the thoughts that don’t matter

fall out, and the true ones, stay

For they know they will be the next piece of poetry.

A night of words

There is this cave

this cave in which I live

Where I bury my secrets

I feel like the weakest 


They aren’t even that horrid

I can’t say there even secrets

More like unspoken words

I don’t want to sound morbid


Yet, when you live submerged

You learn a thing or two

You also lose a two of things

You no longer are diverged.


These tightly woven thoughts

The ones you can’t tell a soul

They seem to hold a grasp

Like million tiny knots.


Once I step out

I find my route

Everything is so new and bright

Everything seems such a fright


I can’t help but shiver

Yet, I won’t be a quitter

With one step more

I am out the front door


Feeling brave and exposed

It is harder to hold my words

I need to be disclosed

I only feel, so many nerves. 


A warmth touches me

I actually feel free

Tiny circles, I turn

The smile, I earn


From a listening ear

I can concave my fears

I don’t bother with tears

For someone is there to hear