A night of words

There is this cave

this cave in which I live

Where I bury my secrets

I feel like the weakest 


They aren’t even that horrid

I can’t say there even secrets

More like unspoken words

I don’t want to sound morbid


Yet, when you live submerged

You learn a thing or two

You also lose a two of things

You no longer are diverged.


These tightly woven thoughts

The ones you can’t tell a soul

They seem to hold a grasp

Like million tiny knots.


Once I step out

I find my route

Everything is so new and bright

Everything seems such a fright


I can’t help but shiver

Yet, I won’t be a quitter

With one step more

I am out the front door


Feeling brave and exposed

It is harder to hold my words

I need to be disclosed

I only feel, so many nerves. 


A warmth touches me

I actually feel free

Tiny circles, I turn

The smile, I earn


From a listening ear

I can concave my fears

I don’t bother with tears

For someone is there to hear


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