I realize Easter is in’t for  few weeks, however, it doesn’t mean we only celebrate it on Easter Sunday. But everyday. Remember Jesus died for you, HE loves you that much!!!!!!!!


“They said, he is not here…..”


My Jesus, the one who was my friend, who never gave up on me, who had my back, He was gone.

My Jesus, who spoke truth to the Pharisees, love to his enemies, kindness toward everyone, He was gone.

My Jesus, who was dismayed with the status of the Temple, who taught me not to judge, unless I was sinless, He was gone.

My Jesus, who heeled the sick, feed the five thousand with two fish and five loaves of bread, who walked on water, He was gone.


I walked to the tomb, where his body lay, only to find it gone. The stone was rolled away. To my despair, He was gone…..

Yet, that wasn’t the only thing the angles said,  “For he has risen!”


Imagine my joy, image my anticipation, image how fast my feet ran, image the smile that never left my face. Image seeing Jesus.

My Jesus, and yours. ~  From Mary Magdalene’s perspective.