in my tiny corner

I reach for something small

just a paper if it be that

and some lead to scratch something


for if I don’t

I very well will go insane

in this tiny corner

I have become acquainted with


what shall I write is

yet  is the mystery

for it I continue to write about

my surrounding..


what then will I do when I find myself in a dark room

with nothing to see but the fuzzy shapes

so precise and small

you can’t even describe them.


however, even silhouettes can be seen

and they have the biggest secrets and stories to find

I could still write about an analogy or metaphor

but how fun are they, and who is to say I am good at them.


I would rather stare outside

continue to let the words spill out,

talking in circles and use improper grammar

just to keep the most skeptic or lose-fitting reader engaged


Because that is what I write.

Not that I need something from this

for I have all I need, my corner, and paper

and on a day when fate might smile,

some lead to write something down.


Isn’t it better to be satisfied by a small corner

when my bones shall ache, but my body kept warm

Where my mind is free, and my soul could fly.

Then to be diss-satisfied by a larger space

Where my fat hangs out and my body slugs around

That my mind be in a daze and my heart to move slower.


Nay, I shall stay where I am, feel what I can

figure out what I do 

I shall live in my being

learn from my corner, and when fate doesn’t smile

I sill won’t worry instead I will  be content in my corner.


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