living loved


       To be loved, uncontrollably

       To be loved, with every fiber

       To be loved



As the morning wakens, and beckons me

I walk quietly with my tea, to the front porch.

The sun slowly creeps above the tree tops,and the clouds start to part.

The dew tips of grass sway, as a robin descends to the ground.



       To be loved completely

       To be loved, honestly

       To be loved



I know in theses small moments

as my eyes glisten, and I smile bright

that I am loved, because that is

exactly what God did for me



       To the hated, you are loved

       To the trouble, you are loved

       To the hurt, you are loved

       To you, you are loved.

       For he loves you.



My heart can bust with such a truth.

My eyes will pour, for this is such a love that no one can repeat.



        A love that holds the sick

       A love that runs for the unwanted

       A love for those who haven’t loved

       A love for you and me.



So now that we are loved, we can also love.

For we are living loved.




~John 3:16