Selfless Love

I would just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Today is more than a holiday to me and my family. Yes, it is nice to eat lots of good food, open presents and not have school, I am not complaining about any of that. However, I suppose today is just more meaningful. than waiting for Santa Claus to come and place some goodies in my stocking. ( however, again there is nothing wrong with that). I come today as a humbled person. For I have lived my life in the faith and hope and love of Jesus Christ. This poem is just a reflection of how much he gave to me….and to you. Merry Christmas. God’s Blessings to you all, regardless of how you celebrate and what you believe.

“This is a journey I didn’t ask for,

in a time,  I didn’t know the outcome

a moment, that fought with reality, and rules 

a spell, that would weave into my heart

and capture all that I am and further.”


Over seven billion people live in the world

there have been less, and there will be more

not a day goes by that someone doesn’t feel

deflated or trapped, misused or beatdown

the misconception of trust and hope,

are wounds inflicted on our souls


for to trust, is to completely give of yourself,

and that risk, is simply to high for most

plenty of people wish on shooting stairs

only to come up with empty answers


so many grasp

they search,

hungry for something.

They leave hurt and discouraged.

For  those who seek, and will never find.


They cry out,

asking for help,

and the world

replies with chaos


The distraction of war

The violence of fear

The easy ways to deceive

To lash out and hurt those around us

To be filled with anxiety

and feeling completely and totally, abandoned.

No greater force, than being, alone, will haunt you.



yet there it shines

a light in a dark world

the star of Bethlehem will appear

for a moment the chaos stops

to silently hear a child’s first cry.


A tiny, frail baby

to heal the world’s pain

in a heartbeat of time,

the starry night pours out peace

to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

who is God, the savior to everyone.


Celebrate we shall!

Angels singing in glorious multitude.

Lights will twinkle from  heaven above.

The lowest of people, to the riches of kings.


Shepherds who come with

an angle’s proclamation, and hope.

Scholars who trusted a star

that lead to a God, a King, a child.


Gold that was only given to kings

Franchises that was bestowed upon gods

and Myrrh to foreshadow death.


God’s love is that far and deep and that pure and true.


This is a time of Joy

to sing Christmas carols

to eat Christmas cookies

decorate your Christmas tree

to go to church, celebrate what he has done.


And then, when the church service is over

the presents have all been unwrapped

and only cookie crumbs and 

empty glass of hot chocolate

are the remains  of the day,


remember that night,

that still lives in your heart

and the stillness that resides in your soul.


The Father’s selfless love

wrapped in flesh, laying in a manger

sheltered by a stable, with goats and cows.


All the broken pieces, are now restored.

No longer do we need to search

through the abandonment we felt

because though he came small

he would live and love big.


Merry Christmas. 



I let my hand slip away

as my tears fell I turned

with a deep breath I took a step

and then





I let my heart hurt

I waited for the voices to start and

I was surprised to find silence

yet it was more like my own voice

was awakened and

what I was about to do,

was my own and

I felt