After a Fashion

Only a few more pages…Just one more chapter.

If you are a book lover/ bookworm like me, you have totally said these phrases more than once. I haven’t picked up a book as intriguing and funny as, After a Fashion by Jen Turano in a very long time. Once I started reading I couldn’t really stop. It was fast pace which I always like. This romantic comedy of airs is sure to have you  fly through the pages. I told my self last night I just wanted to read a chapter more, I instead stayed up till midnight just to finish it, and I am so glad I did. This book is so great I think I will just read it again.

I loved the book but not just for it’s wit.  I find that today it is so hard to find a clean good, Godly book. It was nice not having to wince every other chapter just incase I might read something inappropriate or just bad language. I am sick and tired of seeing the F-word or sloppy language in books. Nor do I like when a book poorly represents a true and innocent relationship. Okay I will get off my soap box, but if you share my feelings than you will love this book.

This isn’t a book about two people finding each other and falling hopelessly romantically in love. This is a book about family, friendship and a “You are really getting on my nerves but I can’t help but feel protective of you” story. True, I believe in love at first sight, but there are other ways of finding love which this book will show you. 🙂


After a Fashion also instilled that hope that burns inside me. I believe that God has a Prince Charming out there for every girl. Sometimes we have to be patient, it could in the most unexpected ways, but God doesn’t always give us exactly what we want, exactly how we think we should have it.  He works in mysterious ways, which is very evident in, After a Fashion.


I opened After a Fashion and I dived right into a high energy, fast moving, twisting plots and a love story where a women got everything she needed. Her foundation was in God, who lead her down a wonderfully crazy path. You see God will do anythign for his children.  God loves all his children.

I greatly encourage you to pick this book up. 🙂


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