9 Handwriting Styles and What They Say About You. Are you Olaf?  What Coffee Drink Fits Your Personality?  What Color are you?   What is Your Dream House? 

     What do these all have in common? Well for starters they are a number of sites on my newsfeed on Facebook. Are they a bad thing? No, not really. I am guilty of clicking them, taking the survey and finding the results.  I didn’t get through the handwriting one, it was too long.  No I am not Olaf, but a previous quiz in which comparing Anna or Elsa told me I was Anna. My coffee drink personality is a mocha, because I like to try new things, but I also like to stay with the simplicities. Don’t know what color I am but I am Romans 8:38-39. Look it up, in your bible. It is a nice reassurance. My dream home, according to BuzzFeed, I can live in a Victoria Era house. Does this mean anything? Only that you know weird facts about me.  🙂

     What I am saying? Good question. This is not, lets rip on society and the changing youth and how technology will be the end of civilization. Because I love my life! 🙂 I love Pintrest and Facebook. I love that technology is changing and that I can hardly keep up with all of Apple’s upgrades. I am so intrigued by how the world continues to operate with all the changes. So if you were reading to read about how the world is a horrible place, adjust your view point because you won’t find it here. Confused? No? Good, let’s continue on. 🙂

* Side bar I use a lot of smiley faces. So if they annoy you, get use to them 🙂 See I just can’t help it 🙂 Ok, just so you know 🙂 I just did that to be funny….. 🙂

     A few days ago, my sister, mom and I went up to my grandparents house. It is about a hour and half to get there, so not a long ride at all. While we were there we shared lots of laughs. My family loves to laugh. We have all been brought up with stories, so when we get together there will be stories told and laughter heard. Any who… back to my story..see another story 🙂 But seriously, we were going through my grandma’s clothes and she picked up this really cute retro sweatshirt.

     My mom said that if she tired to wear it now, she would look out of style. But if I wore it I would look in style, because it would be retro. I thought awhile about that and I had to laugh. How can something my grandma’s had for quite awhile, be out of style for her but not for me? I didn’t really think about that much, but I had happened to call my other grandma that same day.  She was talking about how she had seen these pants that had this colorful design and they were long and look more like PJs.  I told her that they were really in. She started to laugh and I asked why? She replied that she had a pair like that from the 70’s. I think that it is really funny that so much say can mean different things. How labels and quizzes are valued so much and the result they give us, we hold true to them. Am I saying that the internet knows us better then we know ourselves? No, I have taking other quizzes and the results I get are not true.  And even if crop tops and short shorts are in, you won’t see me in them.

     I think there is this invisible sense of confidence we all hold in ourselves, that lets us make those decisions.  Only do we ourselves, know our own selves personally. Sorry did that sound too Shakespearean?  🙂 What I mean is that, you are the only person that knows yourself the best. I think that sometimes we are so intrigued to wonder if society can figured us out.

     Are we out hoping we will be accepted in the world? I think that is part of the reason we take quizzes and try to find the right clothes and discover what is in style. But I think part of it, hopefully the majority of is we just want to be happy. I know that sounds cliche, but at the end of the day, you are the only one that can decided what you will do tomorrow. No matter how much society tells you to be something or let you be something else, you have to make the decision. Would you want to be happy? If you can make the decision right now to do right, be kind, and be happy… would you take it?

     I can only speak of what I think a happy life entails, and it would ALWAYS start with God at the center. 🙂  I wouldn’t want to live my life without him in it. I know I have times when I honestly question his ways, but I know he isn’t going to leave me. I know that I am always going to have a place in his heart.  For me it is God or nothing. So where is God in your heart in your life? You can’t really go on, if you haven’t even started.  You have to know your mistakes. Surrender yourself to him, and trust that he will be there every step of the way.  You have to know that you will always live in sin, but that that doesn’t mean you have to give up, because God isn’t going to give up on you.  Let him clean EVERYTHING out.

     Being happy doesn’t mean that life wouldn’t get messy. It means that at the end of the day, you can smile because you remembered to be you! 🙂  Happy doesn’t mean that you won’t ever cry again, trust me everyone cries. It helps let others know we are just as human as anyone else. But I will promise you that at some point those tears will be happy. Happy doesn’t mean you won’t get in arguments and fights. I do, plenty of times with my younger brothers, but I know I wouldn’t be me without them. 🙂 People are impacted by people. We attract and react to people.

     So take those funny quizzes on Buzzfeed. Wear something from your grandparents closet. Just remember three things. 1) Start the day and end the night, right…with God. Take some time to read my Homily and Psalm 23.  Find out if you have a relationship with God. 2) A quote, because everyone needs those once and a while. “Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like & celebrating it for everything that is is.” Mandy Hale. And 3) some wise words for someone some can’t understand and others who can’t get enough,

“This above all: to thine own self be true,

And it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man.” ~ William Shakespeare.


Thank you.  ~ V.K. 🙂


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