Maybe, Just Maybe

I was a finalist in the unpublished poetry competition at the Oregon Christian Writer’s Conference in Portland, Oregon. Although i didn’t win, I was very blessed by the experience. Thank you God for the trip, not only as a writer but as a daughter. I had a wonderful week with my Dad. 🙂 Below is the poem, Maybe just Maybe, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

As I look up,

        is someone also looking down?


Wrapped in a cocoon of fog

the clouds roll in, and

lock away the outside world.


Like rice, that is thrown at a wedding,

the snow falls upon my face and stick to my lashes.


Inclosed in this day,

not a worry to remember.

Only sweet thoughts of the past

and the urge

to stick out my tongue

and let the snowflakes

melt in my mouth.


As the trees sway, in the late winter breeze

the snow descends, spiraling to the ground.

Perhaps we are shaking

that those who look down

see still figures, captured by magic in a snow globe.


Maybe on this day, we allowed someone to surface back,

back into those treasured moments, of childhood.

Maybe, just maybe.

By Victoria Kenow