be kind and rewind

When I was younger, we had VHS tapes. In my family, any type of Disney movie was watched over and over again. When you want to watch  a movie you have to put the VHS tape into the player and push play. Very simple and a lot like a DVD. Except when it isn’t. Because sometimes when you put a VHS tape in, the movie is playing from the credits. And you realized someone forgot to rewind it. So you have to press stop, then rewind and wait for the click. Then it is ready to play from the beginning. So growing up, we would always say, be kind and rewind. It was catchy and clever and it rhymed. It was perfect. I am not saying we should go back to VHS tapes.  I think that a DVD is a wonderful update.  🙂  Yet, the action doesn’t need to be forgotten. You can still be kind. Kindness requires no level of intelligence or ability of athletics. It isn’t based on your personality.

Anyone can be kind. It doesn’t matter your age, my grandma is one of the first names on my board.  She thinks of others before herself.  Yet on the flip side, I know two little girls, whose kindness isn’t small,  it stretches farther than their little arms do.  They always take care of the grown-ups.  Whether it is giving us blankets or making sure we aren’t hurt.  They are just 2 1/2 and their kind actions surprise even me sometimes. My cousin, Emelia’s actions are always done in kindness. She does for others, what others don’t always want to do. And she does it with love. I have met a lot of people in college, but my friend Amy always comes to mind.  There is only sweetness, that flows from her heart. A heart of goodness. 🙂 My other friend Alicia, who I actually knew when I was little and is now at the same collage is also incredibly kind. She is thoughtful and things of others, including me before herself.

This week my board was full of names, and I think it speaks to the fact that kindness doesn’t require much work.  My own name was put on the board. To me, kindness is something I am good at because I love to do things for others. If it is filling my brother’s water bottle before school, or turning back the bed for my parents, I do those things because I care for them. Kindness is what Christ showed to the thief on the cross.  (Luke 23:39-43) Jesus loves everyone and no matter who you are, you are still his. Jesus’ kindness is unconditional and I strive to do the same.