The Old Man in his Pick-up with His Pipe.

The days are getting shorter, the moon was anxious to rise. But before the sun sat, the old man in his pick-up was buying flowers for his girl. He drove down the pebbled streets, his pipe securely clenched between his teeth.  The smoke slide out the window and the wind took him back…

To the porch,

where he stood

proud but still

with flowers freshly picked behind his back.

His hand clenched, talking himself out of

a knock, when  the door swung open.


swayed back and forth in her newly stitched dress.

Her hair attempted to be pulled up,

but the wind took her back…

To the diner

where she first saw him.

Pouring coffee

on his lap.

She blushed and he winked.

The old man got the flowers on the corner. The leaves were falling, and they crunched under his footsteps. It was cool outside, and he had to turn on the heat quickly, as his hands gripped the wheel. The wind that pushed against the door, took him back…

To the sun setting and the harvest finished.

To his dusty left-footed boots

That made him trip and fall in love with,


who sat on the back porch, held him close

against the wind,that took her back…

To that night, when she said I do,

and he did too.

Lasting 70 years of young love.


The old man in his pick up with his pipe,

the Autumn breeze so  cool and kind.

Taking him home, to his Rose.


dear friend

I cherish these days with you

for soon, you will be gone.

A winter’s wind will cut through my heart

freeze my face, especially my little nose.

the days with you, have brought joy and new insights

filling my soul with love, and goodness.

The longing I have for you

will be kept close to me.

Long after you leave me.

I do not detest, that you leave,

not even that you leave me

Everything has a time and place.

And though yours is especially quick,

these days,

________ minutes,

_______         moments so close with you

I can’t help but fall in love.


So as we watch the branches bare

and rake up the leaves in big piles.

Those leave once so vibrant in color,

curling up, become crushed and faded.


Dear Autumn, don’t forget me,

For I will wait for you,

As I do each and every year.

I am thankful for my friends….

I have around 250 Friends on Facebook. As we are in the month of thanksgiving, we tend to live more grateful lives. Not that this is a bad thing or a put  down. It is just an observation that I have noticed on social media. So I decided after searching on pintrest, that I could make my own Thankful/November/ gratitude challenge.

I like all my friends on facebook, so I just hope that I will appreciate my friends more, and the friendships I share. It will not be an easy challenge as I hope to cover all my friends. However, if I spend time on pintrest, scrolling through delicious pumpkin bread, and lattes and trying to find new clothes for my christmas lists; I hope I can invest time into the friends I have. I think it will test me, to ask myself the question…why am I friends with this person. Did I send a friend request or accept one because I truly like the person, or was I just doing it for  some facebook creeping? Though this challenge I hope that you look at you own Facebook Friend list, and really appreciate who they are. 🙂 

So with only 20 days till Thanksgiving, I have to write on roughly 13 people’s facebook wall. But I am up for the challenge. Once I start I am on a roll. 🙂 Then at night, before I go to bed I will say a prayer for each of them. Last night was a little difficult, because remembering all those names is hard. So today I made a list on my phone to remember. This way the names will be on my phone, as a constant reminder as the day goes on. I only ask my fellow followers that you pray for me. That I have the diligence to stick with it. That I can write meaningful messages, and that what I say can be a small fraction the love Christ has for all of them!

” Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” ~  1 Thessalonians 5:18 

First day of Autumn

The best way to describe the first day of fall magical. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better day…. 

Big swift movements the rain continued to fall down. 

Lading in big puddles with a splat. 

The continued threat of more and more rain to fall came true at 9:20 am 

Big buckets of rain drops.  

One group of rain equalled several soaked students.

And  there  were   m  i  l  l  i  o  n  s  of groups of rain. 

The air stayed cool, unlike our previously humid days after a showered .

 The sort of cool that requires LayEriNg

It is a chill that makes our heart skip and hands turn a pale white. 

But why was it magical?

Because I am sure after explaining that you all might  

want to curl up in a ball and wish for the sun. 

When I opened my front door 

I was captured by this warmth. 

Sweet rich homade food 

My family knows my love 

For autumn so it was easy to assume what were were having supper. 

Autumn soup and homade bread with blueberry raspberry jam. 

Life isn’t much better that it was sitting down with them.


Thank you God for giving me My Autumn Day, First day of Autumn, September 23, 2014

My Shadow’s delight

Today, in a rare occurrence was one of thee BEST Fall days 🙂 The days that had come from November had been cooler, with more of an intake then those of October.  The morning and evenings have this bitter chill to them. By the time noon hangs in the sky my shivering lips and chattering teeth start to warm, yet by 4 or 5 I burry myself back into my room and watch the moon come out far to early.

However, as I was about to explain, today was not like the others. I can’t say for sure about the morning, because I accidentally slept through it. Nevertheless, when I stepped outside I felt fresh. The wind was the first hello I received and it felt wonderful. The leaves might have been my favorite today though. Most of them have since fallen from the trees. Now they rest in the groves of the sidewalk. Unless the winds picks up. Then they are dancing in the breeze and spiraling out of control. They are crisp and dry up on my palm. Also the sun was out, and unlike days past the warmth was also in the sun.  It shines all day long and allowed for the perfect silhouette for my shadow. 

So thank you God for this wonderful day, and a smiling night. For you looked around and said it was Good 🙂 

~Blessings to you all 🙂 

(31) Grand Entrance

There comes a time

When all must say good bye

Thought that time

is beckoning soon

I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed posting and reading

 about the various ways of fall. 🙂

So thank you.

Thank you the the NaBloPoMo,

thanks to other bloggers,

those who commented

 and the wonderful posts I have read.

Thus said lets get back to the actually post.


I brush my feet through

each small and large pie of leaves

those resting on the ground have faded in their colors

as if they know what is to come next.


The leaves

from the trees

hold to the  branches

for their colors are bright and pretty

once fallen, given time their colors with close up.


Yet, I ask you not to look with saddened faces

but smile in soft memory, of the leaves that fell.

Remember how earnest we were to have them dance the streets.

How we melted just a little bit more, each time one fell.



As we journey into the next mouth

hold on to the anticipation of pumpkin pie, apple cider, and turkey.

For the more I think, the longer I pounder…..


What if October is to be the grand entrance for November

Without October we would scurry from summer warmth to Thanksgiving’s chill

Maybe, just possibly October is meant to be the wave

before we say hello to November.


Let’s not say good bye to October

but continue to walk into the

Autumn season, farther and further

Until we uncover all the beauty and mystery of the day.

(30) Who wouldn’t want the day I had….

Who wouldn’t want the day I had….

I woke up, got dressed, did my make up ready to walk with my mom, and then I looked outside. Sweet teardrops splattered on my window. There was no distant thunder or clashing lightning. Just a soft rain that played on my window. The sweet notes, barely able to hear but once heard, such a  beauty about them.

The rain only lasted about 2o minutes or so, but it was all worth it. My walk may have been canceled  but it was alright. I snuggled back into my sweats, pulled my blanket up and read my book.  I pulled the curtains up and watched the dark blue sky lighten to where the fog rested over everything.

The fog nested in every crack and open space. It enfolded my view outside and my walk towards classes. Yet, the rain only fueled my happiness. It was a pocket of happiness to pour down such wetness. The leaves that had fallen weeks ago, under the light of a Autumn afternoon now rested on the sidewalks, the stairs, the benches and up the sides of the buildings of an autumn morning.

The branches now only hold the last of the leaves, but WAIT!! Autumn isn’t over. We still have a whole month, to enjoy. So the rain, this morning rinsed away, and when it dries will let a new part of Autumn begin. 🙂

It is only noon, and I still get to enjoy the day. So I encourage you not to become discouraged when it rains, see it in a new light on a cloudy day. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy RAIN! Don’t see it as a miserable day.  Everything needs to be washed at some point. Love the rain, don’t hate.

Have wonderful, wet day! 🙂


(28) Theses Autumn days to capture.


The sweet buttery flavor of carmel is in the air

The flames of the fire continue to dance along the pathway

                                                                                       inclosed in the case

People scattered in, mostly in,close together. 

Their laughter joined together

Yet, some souls

who don’t fear the cool air 

instead rejoice upon the day!!!

With my pink gloves

black scarf

jeans and a sweater

I shall run through the day

Running, and jumping

through piles and piles of glorious leaves

Orange and red, yellow and brown

All together the sound..

                                              CruSh                    SwiSh                        CRUncH!

YES! My soul is happy

                                   It is alive.

The racing air of the day

cool and crisp

bites my nose, but fills my lungs

Fils them to the brim, fuels my happiness. 

And when the day 

becomes the night

the moon shines

and the stars dance

Slowly then shall I go 

inside my home, take off my scarf, gloves and jacket

Curl up in a blanket and sip my hot cocoa. 


(27) Days are coming to an end…

To say I have just enjoyed writing on this blog special would be such a lie. I can’t describe in enough words how much I love love love doing this. Not only have I been able to post my works out in the world more, I have read some pretty amazing blogs. 

So today/tonights blog isn’t specifically about Autumn or the season. Because to me, it don’t end until December. But I just want to showcase some really amazing blogers out there. Some new ones, and some that I have known for a while.

Thanks for posting 🙂 


(23) Something more…follow the path of color

I was going to be lazy and give the excuse of a writer’s block, but I figured i own it to you all to write something. 

I have already talked about the leaves, the colors, the warm drinks, and the blankets. I a have talked about the pumpkin pie with whipped cream and the piles of leaves. 

{So what do I talk about now? 

See this is why I have a writer’s block. 

I don’t want to just say the same thing over and over again. }

As I continue to look outside my window for inspiration all I see is trees. They are all  bunched together. My imaginative heart tells me I could just jump out my window and hop across them. And each time my foot is steadied on them the golden magic of the day unfolds it’s self.  But that is just a dream, one to reflect and smile to myself about. 

As I tilt my head over I see a path way high and I wish it would lead somewhere different. Where all my fantasies would come true 🙂 It bends a little, the path as if it is inviting me. From here it doesn’t look far, as if all I have to do is look long enough to be there.

My mind keeps going back to wild-flowers. All I want to do right now is run in a field of them. They are just so pretty. So freeing. As if nothing else in the world matters 🙂  So If you have a really good, or good picture of wild-flowers please post it in the comment section below. Wild-flowers are the best in the fall. 🙂