Justified Love on Behalf of A Sinner

May God Be With You,

that He wouldn’t hide in the shadows, hidden from his touch, like we do.

That He wouldn’t be like the thousand decisions we as humans have made on our own, believing we manage just fine.

Selfish souls who believe they are immutable as if they have been dealt a perfect hand and only when we run out do we point fingers.

Past time here on the land He perfected, was not created or designed to be a flaw.

How can we justify, and accept love when we threw it all away?  Each time wrapped in flesh, tied with a red ribbon.

For the thousand choices we decided, were


Burn to ash for ash we are.

But He lifts our chin and says you’re mine.

The solitude He has kept and waited patiently to dust us off and clean us up and look on us with love.

Each thousand thought erased from His design, His image.

May God Be With You.


Thank you Disney Workers

I just wanted to dedicate this poem to all the Disney World Workers. It isn’t the places like Writer’s Stop or other attractions that make it worth it. It is YOU, it is your smile, and your dedication to making the place we all enjoy so wonderfully! 🙂


Hollywood Don’t forget Us


I, think, there is something

endearing  about



Not the drama or

the extras.

Just the stage show.


Combing the opposites,

reveling a whim-

sical and classic

time capsule.


We all want to

hold on to

the  glitz and glamour

and final shots.


Even as years blur,

our past continues

to root us,

stories can be

and will be

continuously shown.


It might hurt

remembering, everything

but it is the only way for us

to move forward.


Hollywood captures those details

so we can always reflect

on what matters most,


for who are we

without our past,

our traditions,

our heritage?


“Here it Comes!”

A fine line across the sky,

separating what was,

and what was to come.


Deep blackened clouds rolled

in with the threat

of a pouring rain 

that no one realized


was about to drop from heaven.


As we hurried to our car

locked the door and just

about pulled out, it came.


An exhilarating movement

of this wave of rain

seen across the

staggering light post.


“Here it comes.”

That is all I thought

as the rain descended

and the roads became rivers

and the day was as dark as night.


The powerful force

controlled by the

One who all created it.



“Here it come!”

Enjoy the rain

all the time

because God

has everything



Selfless Love

I would just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Today is more than a holiday to me and my family. Yes, it is nice to eat lots of good food, open presents and not have school, I am not complaining about any of that. However, I suppose today is just more meaningful. than waiting for Santa Claus to come and place some goodies in my stocking. ( however, again there is nothing wrong with that). I come today as a humbled person. For I have lived my life in the faith and hope and love of Jesus Christ. This poem is just a reflection of how much he gave to me….and to you. Merry Christmas. God’s Blessings to you all, regardless of how you celebrate and what you believe.

“This is a journey I didn’t ask for,

in a time,  I didn’t know the outcome

a moment, that fought with reality, and rules 

a spell, that would weave into my heart

and capture all that I am and further.”


Over seven billion people live in the world

there have been less, and there will be more

not a day goes by that someone doesn’t feel

deflated or trapped, misused or beatdown

the misconception of trust and hope,

are wounds inflicted on our souls


for to trust, is to completely give of yourself,

and that risk, is simply to high for most

plenty of people wish on shooting stairs

only to come up with empty answers


so many grasp

they search,

hungry for something.

They leave hurt and discouraged.

For  those who seek, and will never find.


They cry out,

asking for help,

and the world

replies with chaos


The distraction of war

The violence of fear

The easy ways to deceive

To lash out and hurt those around us

To be filled with anxiety

and feeling completely and totally, abandoned.

No greater force, than being, alone, will haunt you.



yet there it shines

a light in a dark world

the star of Bethlehem will appear

for a moment the chaos stops

to silently hear a child’s first cry.


A tiny, frail baby

to heal the world’s pain

in a heartbeat of time,

the starry night pours out peace

to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

who is God, the savior to everyone.


Celebrate we shall!

Angels singing in glorious multitude.

Lights will twinkle from  heaven above.

The lowest of people, to the riches of kings.


Shepherds who come with

an angle’s proclamation, and hope.

Scholars who trusted a star

that lead to a God, a King, a child.


Gold that was only given to kings

Franchises that was bestowed upon gods

and Myrrh to foreshadow death.


God’s love is that far and deep and that pure and true.


This is a time of Joy

to sing Christmas carols

to eat Christmas cookies

decorate your Christmas tree

to go to church, celebrate what he has done.


And then, when the church service is over

the presents have all been unwrapped

and only cookie crumbs and 

empty glass of hot chocolate

are the remains  of the day,


remember that night,

that still lives in your heart

and the stillness that resides in your soul.


The Father’s selfless love

wrapped in flesh, laying in a manger

sheltered by a stable, with goats and cows.


All the broken pieces, are now restored.

No longer do we need to search

through the abandonment we felt

because though he came small

he would live and love big.


Merry Christmas. 

I am Thankful For…..

As people sitting around the table waiting for their turn

with the simple phrase to finish, as the one above is heard.

To say these phrases are cheesy

well, that is what I always thought.

The default reaction, to the question

What are you thankful for?

People reply in such ways,

I am thankful for my loving family.

I am thankful for my great friends.

I am thankful for this home

I am thankful for pumpkin pie.

All these response, are very true

Yet, I was restless,waiting for my turn

to say the exact thing they did.

Without putting any thought into

what others were saying,

or what I would say.

So it is my turn, and what do I say?

I blank,

because I don’t really know

when put on the spot,

what could I truly be thankful for?

What a selfish thought

I just thought, to not be

thankful for something.

But that isn’t true

because I am,

thankful, that is

I am thankful for several things

things that aren’t just material

and then some things that are.

I honestly smile, to think of all

I am so thankful for.

I am so thankful that I wake up each day, and that I have everything I had yesterday, because of God.

I am so thankful that I don’t have to worry if I am breathing right, that I just breath, because of God.

I am thankful that I have a Dad, a Mom, one sister, two brothers and one dog,

because of God.

I am thankful I have a beautiful home, filled with beds and comfy furniture,

because of God.

I am thankful that I have a few very close friends, that I completely trust,

because of God.

I suppose what I am really getting at, is the simple answer, that I have been giving.

I am thankful that there is a God, who love me.

I am thankful there is a God who willing died for me.

I am thankful there is a God.

I am thankful I have a God for you and for me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

living loved


       To be loved, uncontrollably

       To be loved, with every fiber

       To be loved



As the morning wakens, and beckons me

I walk quietly with my tea, to the front porch.

The sun slowly creeps above the tree tops,and the clouds start to part.

The dew tips of grass sway, as a robin descends to the ground.



       To be loved completely

       To be loved, honestly

       To be loved



I know in theses small moments

as my eyes glisten, and I smile bright

that I am loved, because that is

exactly what God did for me



       To the hated, you are loved

       To the trouble, you are loved

       To the hurt, you are loved

       To you, you are loved.

       For he loves you.



My heart can bust with such a truth.

My eyes will pour, for this is such a love that no one can repeat.



        A love that holds the sick

       A love that runs for the unwanted

       A love for those who haven’t loved

       A love for you and me.



So now that we are loved, we can also love.

For we are living loved.




~John 3:16

Where I am from

Where I’m From

I am from a State, a city and a zip code, 68434.  

From the  “Go Big Red” State of Nebraska.  

Where the corn strives to reach heaven, and later becomes buried under winter’s cocoon. 

I am from Seward, the city that brings you the small-town barbecue smell. I am from the friendly hello’s that ricochet off The Bakery, to JD’s Coffee Shop and around the Rivoli Movie Theater.  I am from four season  blended into one, and then some.

 Form winter in April, and August so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. 

I am from driving down with 15 different names & opinions. From 13 hours in a car and  Rest ares not recommended. I am from Micky Mouse and Donald Duck. From talking fish and magic carpet rides. I am from watching the fireworks by the castle to running to the bus as the rain splatters on our sunburned faces.  I am from “Dreams do come true” and “Remember the Magic” .

I am from brown bobbed hair, a lightly freckled face and a few scars. 

Scars that were Have To’s and some that were Want Nots. 

From titanium rods and 8 screws fused with my spine.

 I am from scars of death, when life stopped to soon.  

I am from a summer where we buried our love and wiped the tears of the young. 

I am from inside my head. Where my pencil and imagination takes me away from ink splattered reality. I am from binoculars that allow me to see the happiness in the world. 

I am from shimmering sparkled silver and glittery gold. From cheetah spots and zebra strips. I am from purple frills to neon fringe. 

I am from my family, and a life I couldn’t trade for anything.

From opposite attract parents and siblings who act like monkeys. 

From hammers and thread, needles and nails. 

I am from my grandpa’s work ethic to my grandma’s sweet tooth. 

I am from Christmas fudge and sugar cookies. From gingerbread men and frosted snowmen. From chocolate covered walnuts and candied pecans.  I am from Hot Chocolate winters and Coca-Cola summers. I am from Regular Runza’s, Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzards and Pizza Hut Pasta. 

I am from a home away from home. 

Where the trees keep us hidden, and hold the love by the lake. 

I am from summer splashes that bring smiles to the oldest of people. 

I am from cheeseburgers  on the grill to ice cream sundaes galore. 

I am from the ice castle it transforms into by December. Where the snowflakes are light enough to catch in your mouth. I am from when the lake freezes and there is a bite in the air yet taunts you out to skate. 

I am from high and low, wide and thin gravel roads, covered in snow.  I am from snow pants, red scarfs, hand-me down boots and over-sized coats. When we race out to the roads with our sleds.  Waiting for the signal and flying through the air, trying to beat the opponent. 

I am from Lake Superior bordered by Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Canada, eh? 

I am from memories captured under the dark night sky, huddled together by the fire.     

I am from God’s art work displayed in the most simplest of forms.  

Where the rocks and trees intertwined and the water falls pour out his majesty.  

Where frowns turn upside down with french toast and bacon. When the time of life seems to freeze and the memories slow down. 

 I am from hopping  across slippery, water splashed stones and feeling safe when my grandpa’s hands capture my own and lead me to the solid ground. 

I am from Christ. I am from sin by birth and the gift of life. I am from a King.

 A King who paints the the sky by morning and lets the stars twinkle at night. 

I am from a past  from whichI still have to learn.  A past with, “Life ins’t fair but God is good.” 

I am from a present. Dancing through the hard times, and enjoying  the good times like a child waiting for Christmas. 

I am from a future I have yet to see. Hoping it is as wonderful as inside my head. 

Listening to my heart with God as my path.