Powerful Words


is in


in fault


in God


for what’s


don’t think


takes extreme


how dare


me not


is hidden.

Without words







Letters next to each other forming unbinding relationships.

Words are lasting, they do no break. They are always going to be




It has been FAR too long since I have written a poem, just because I could. I have written several poems for my classes, that were required and needed to be a specific length, form, and rhythm. However, this poem is just a poem that I wanted to write.  However, I am stuck on the title of the poem. I was once told that the title of a poem is the invitation to a poem for the readers. If you have any suggestions, I would really appreciate it. For now, we will just call it, untitled.



Still, the clock hands

won’t move. Sound yearns

through the silent walls.

The hands stand still.


Timid, the light sways

in the room. The absence

of dark waits patiently.

The light fades.


Still, long forgotten are the notes

that played songs and stories

lingering on the laughter.

The piano collects dust.


Bare, the oak mantle stands

proud. But there is no

audience to entertain.

The room is bare.


Still, there were memories here

that haven’t been erased.

Perhaps just swept into a corner

waiting for the spring breeze.

To shake the memories, awake.



She entered the shop at a half- past two, the shop closed at three.

She was quiet and cautious; trailing her fingers over the fabric.

I asked her if she needed help, and she declined, averting her gaze.

She was a striking creature; angular features, tiny emerald eyes barely seen because of her

long luscious bangs.

Her porcelain skin, contrasted with her ebony hair.

She was tall.  I imagined if we were dancing, she in heels, we would be eye level.

She looked in my direction and in that moment I saw her.

Longing and desperation for something to be okay.

The bell clanked on the door frame, and she was gone.

The only thing that remained was the fragrance of lemons.


She came again at a half-past two, and the shop closed at three.

She paused in the doorway as if I kept her from entering.

Alas, I stood at the desk waiting for her, I smiled.

She looked around, and once again I asked her if she needed assistance.

No, a velvety voice responded with a sad smile.

Why, she smiled, I still wonder to this day.


Her red nail polish caught my eye.

“Are you sad?” she asked.


Her internal thought process and her question, had me in mind;  an invitation perhaps,

but then she was gone.


To this day, when I see  lemons, I can’t help the sad, smile on my face.



Photo credit: Pintrest
Editing by Beth Kenow 
Lemons by Victoria Kenow 

little / birdie

you broke my wing

but i will fly again.

can i say,

the same

for you?


your tongue  tied me in knots

you pushed too hard

and i heard the snap

that limp arm.


Can you say,

what you said,

was right?

was just

or kind?


i didn’t flinch.

though i could have

probably should have.

Can you say, that

you would have

felt remorse?


you broke my wing

but that doesn’t mean

I failed,

it means I will

fly agin.


And when I do, I won’t be landing, on you.

A Chapter in My Wonderful Life

When life is amusing and rather unchanging you find yourself in a line of despair.

Thee unwanted thoughts of mistaken regret break you down……….


BUT I’ve got a plan, a glorious plan. So if you stick with me…. I will share them with you and it will be All together Wonderful.

You’ll be unchanging beauty, dazzling joy, mysteriously loving and all together wonderful. You won’t have to worry,

cause you’ll be too busy learning about this glorious life. 


This life you have always had but never seen before. 

This life to find, 

to discover,

explore with all the endless, not mistaken, never breaking



When you walk on the shores of adventure, you won’t tremble from the past fears but look forward to the exciting future.

You’ll see life as treasure, a rare gem from above.

You’ll be wonderfully creative, thoughtful and beautiful and All together Wonderful.


You will see this word with undefined joy, never stepping on others glory, but lifting up their talents.

You’ll be never ending courages, spot on different, special, unique and All together Wonderful!

You will think and listen with extraordinary, timeless compassion.

And  you will Always remember with simple guidance that you are and Always will be  ALL TOGETHER WONDERFUL!!!!!!

Selfless Love

I would just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Today is more than a holiday to me and my family. Yes, it is nice to eat lots of good food, open presents and not have school, I am not complaining about any of that. However, I suppose today is just more meaningful. than waiting for Santa Claus to come and place some goodies in my stocking. ( however, again there is nothing wrong with that). I come today as a humbled person. For I have lived my life in the faith and hope and love of Jesus Christ. This poem is just a reflection of how much he gave to me….and to you. Merry Christmas. God’s Blessings to you all, regardless of how you celebrate and what you believe.

“This is a journey I didn’t ask for,

in a time,  I didn’t know the outcome

a moment, that fought with reality, and rules 

a spell, that would weave into my heart

and capture all that I am and further.”


Over seven billion people live in the world

there have been less, and there will be more

not a day goes by that someone doesn’t feel

deflated or trapped, misused or beatdown

the misconception of trust and hope,

are wounds inflicted on our souls


for to trust, is to completely give of yourself,

and that risk, is simply to high for most

plenty of people wish on shooting stairs

only to come up with empty answers


so many grasp

they search,

hungry for something.

They leave hurt and discouraged.

For  those who seek, and will never find.


They cry out,

asking for help,

and the world

replies with chaos


The distraction of war

The violence of fear

The easy ways to deceive

To lash out and hurt those around us

To be filled with anxiety

and feeling completely and totally, abandoned.

No greater force, than being, alone, will haunt you.



yet there it shines

a light in a dark world

the star of Bethlehem will appear

for a moment the chaos stops

to silently hear a child’s first cry.


A tiny, frail baby

to heal the world’s pain

in a heartbeat of time,

the starry night pours out peace

to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

who is God, the savior to everyone.


Celebrate we shall!

Angels singing in glorious multitude.

Lights will twinkle from  heaven above.

The lowest of people, to the riches of kings.


Shepherds who come with

an angle’s proclamation, and hope.

Scholars who trusted a star

that lead to a God, a King, a child.


Gold that was only given to kings

Franchises that was bestowed upon gods

and Myrrh to foreshadow death.


God’s love is that far and deep and that pure and true.


This is a time of Joy

to sing Christmas carols

to eat Christmas cookies

decorate your Christmas tree

to go to church, celebrate what he has done.


And then, when the church service is over

the presents have all been unwrapped

and only cookie crumbs and 

empty glass of hot chocolate

are the remains  of the day,


remember that night,

that still lives in your heart

and the stillness that resides in your soul.


The Father’s selfless love

wrapped in flesh, laying in a manger

sheltered by a stable, with goats and cows.


All the broken pieces, are now restored.

No longer do we need to search

through the abandonment we felt

because though he came small

he would live and love big.


Merry Christmas. 


I let my hand slip away

as my tears fell I turned

with a deep breath I took a step

and then





I let my heart hurt

I waited for the voices to start and

I was surprised to find silence

yet it was more like my own voice

was awakened and

what I was about to do,

was my own and

I felt




Perhaps what we search for is something we have, only hidden.

For what is lost was once without ownership, perhaps it was made lost and then found.

As I look up at the skies, the clouds bundled up like disk bumping into each

My gaze could stay on them for hours.

If we search for a good day, what will we find?

          For a windy day is just, windy

          As is the night, cold

          The morning, still and sleepy

          A harmful day is broken

          and a good day, pleasant.

As the trees grow and the grass sways the moments change.

What are we doing, if only living in the transitions of life.

Only stopping to get our footing and then starting again.

                                                                               To be still in the day?

                                                                               What would we find then?

          Something lost?

          Something cold and windy?

          Something that was pleasant is now broken?

 Or would we find something hidden?

Fighting & Laughing

What   if   everyone   is   fighting   reality   and   to   cope   in   the   constant   war   we   find   ourselves   in   movies,   stories,  poems   and   places   that  aren’t  even  real. To  what  end  does  it  all  make  sense.   For   if   we   base   all   things   on  reality,   is   their   any   hope   to   find   in   the   sadness   of   the   next   day.   Is   there   any   comfort   in   that   facts   are  black   and   white   and   will   never   change.   I   ask   you   all   to   think   of   the   Life   you   have   lived.   Some   say   that  life,   is   just   a   really   long   race.   And   that   only   once   we   have   crossed,   have   we   then   figured   Life   out.  However,   I   call   them   all   on   their   bluff.   For   how   do   we   know   when   we   have   crossed.   What   if   the  questions   is   just   that   of   Life   isn’t   a   race,   but   many   paths.   Time   upon   time,   have   I   looked   up,   and  whispered   a    silent   cry   for   help.   Because   to   ask   it   among   those   I   call   friends,   only   falls   on   faces   turned   and   deaf   ears.   For   they   also   do   not   know   the   answer,   but   rather   to   admit   the   simple   truth,   that   perhaps  there   isn’t   an   answer,   that   perhaps   life   is   just   life   and   can’t   be  placed   in   a   metaphor,   they   turn   away   from   shame   and   embarrassment.   A   constant   fight.   For   in   one   second   of   our  lives   we   are   laughing   and   then   next   we   are   fighting,   what   difference   does   it   make?  


A night of words

There is this cave

this cave in which I live

Where I bury my secrets

I feel like the weakest 


They aren’t even that horrid

I can’t say there even secrets

More like unspoken words

I don’t want to sound morbid


Yet, when you live submerged

You learn a thing or two

You also lose a two of things

You no longer are diverged.


These tightly woven thoughts

The ones you can’t tell a soul

They seem to hold a grasp

Like million tiny knots.


Once I step out

I find my route

Everything is so new and bright

Everything seems such a fright


I can’t help but shiver

Yet, I won’t be a quitter

With one step more

I am out the front door


Feeling brave and exposed

It is harder to hold my words

I need to be disclosed

I only feel, so many nerves. 


A warmth touches me

I actually feel free

Tiny circles, I turn

The smile, I earn


From a listening ear

I can concave my fears

I don’t bother with tears

For someone is there to hear