You can bet on Murphy’s Law

the minute I write on this spare,

I’m going to need it, but here it goes.


I am from the bottom of a hatch.

I come from a four-door P.T. Cruiser

that bless her heart can’t get over 60

without huffing and puffing.

Sometimes, it’s Bach, other times it’sTim McGraw,

Most of the time it’s Positive & Encouraging K-Love.

I don’t mind the town’s cobbled roads

and streets like Roberts, and Bradford

because it all works well for me.


Justified Love on Behalf of A Sinner

May God Be With You,

that He wouldn’t hide in the shadows, hidden from his touch, like we do.

That He wouldn’t be like the thousand decisions we as humans have made on our own, believing we manage just fine.

Selfish souls who believe they are immutable as if they have been dealt a perfect hand and only when we run out do we point fingers.

Past time here on the land He perfected, was not created or designed to be a flaw.

How can we justify, and accept love when we threw it all away?  Each time wrapped in flesh, tied with a red ribbon.

For the thousand choices we decided, were


Burn to ash for ash we are.

But He lifts our chin and says you’re mine.

The solitude He has kept and waited patiently to dust us off and clean us up and look on us with love.

Each thousand thought erased from His design, His image.

May God Be With You.


I realize Easter is in’t for  few weeks, however, it doesn’t mean we only celebrate it on Easter Sunday. But everyday. Remember Jesus died for you, HE loves you that much!!!!!!!!


“They said, he is not here…..”


My Jesus, the one who was my friend, who never gave up on me, who had my back, He was gone.

My Jesus, who spoke truth to the Pharisees, love to his enemies, kindness toward everyone, He was gone.

My Jesus, who was dismayed with the status of the Temple, who taught me not to judge, unless I was sinless, He was gone.

My Jesus, who heeled the sick, feed the five thousand with two fish and five loaves of bread, who walked on water, He was gone.


I walked to the tomb, where his body lay, only to find it gone. The stone was rolled away. To my despair, He was gone…..

Yet, that wasn’t the only thing the angles said,  “For he has risen!”


Imagine my joy, image my anticipation, image how fast my feet ran, image the smile that never left my face. Image seeing Jesus.

My Jesus, and yours. ~  From Mary Magdalene’s perspective.

Lamb or Lion

They say March is determined 

by a lamb or a lion


Once by it comes, and once by it leaves


As I hear the wind howl, the gentle whisper of the night

I happen to ask myself, is it like the lamb or the lion?


The winter’s chill holds fast, 

You must hide your face, before it dries 

there is no heat, in the day so is it like the lamb or the lion? 


The snow has stopped falling

Not even two inches gather

I’m not blown by the day or night, so is it like the lamb or the lion?


Perhaps we won’t know

Until the last day


So I shall pray this night it is like the lion

For then I can look forward to the lamb leaving. 

I shudder to think if this is the lamb, 

How worse can the lion be? 


Once it comes, once it goes, is it like the lamb or the lion tonight? 

*~ My Mother Mentioned ~*

As the groundhogs curse settles in

I can’t help but fight his winter predictions


Yes, even as I lookout my window

I see the coolness about me. 

Perhaps though, they are all wrong


My mother mention, 

the little birds chirp 

the sky’s not so gray

and the day not so short


The groundhog may have predictions

He might have said, more winter

Although, our fleeting hearts

Can’t help, but hope 

for spring  just around the corner


Yes, even know, I hear spring, wait and see

Spring is coming sooner than we all think. 



*image from Shuterstock