Summertime Detox Drink

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoy SUMMER!!!!

I am beyond blessed to spend my summer in Orlando, Florida!  🙂 It has been sunny, hot and very adventurous. My sister has an internship with Walt Disney World. I was chosen to help her get more comfortable as she begins this chapter of her life. Lucky me! It has been so much fun. Some days I go with her to work, and she drops me off and I spend my day at Hollywood Studios. When I don’t go with her, I have time to just relax and write. We are staying with a family friend and he has been very gracious towards us both.

Last night I made a detox drink. As the cold drink touched my tastebuds and trickled down my throat, I immediately thought of my childhood summers. It was cool and refreshing. And the color was really pretty. I just had to share it with all of you! ❤

The nice thing about this detox drink is that it is simple and it only uses three ingredients.




What You Need:

– 1 small cucumber

– 2 lemons,

– 8-10 strawberries

-Water Pitcher or something to serve your drink in.



*So first things first, wash your fruit. You don’t know how many hands touched the fruit. It is always good to wash your fruit. I like to use Fit fruit spray, you can use any fruit spray of your choice. So once your fruit is washed it is time to cut them.

* First cut your cucumber in slices. I did my slices fairy wide. If you are using a medium or big cucumber you will only need half of it. Once the cucumber is cut, drop the slices  into your pitcher.

*Next cut the lemons in half. Make sure you get all the seeds out of the lemons. It is not so relaxing drinking your detox drink if you choke on a lemon seed.  One lemon will be used for juice, the other for slices.

.  5

Get all the seeds out. There will probably be more than you think, but keep at it.


*Next squeeze two of the halves into the pitcher. After all the juice is out, toss the lemon halves in the trash. Then fill the pitcher with enough water so the cucumbers are submersed in water.

*Cut the other lemon into slices and then in half. Drop them into the pitcher.

* Then add the strawberries. This part gets a little messy but it is worth it. Cut off the tops of the strawberries. Then cut the strawberries in half. Using your hand take one of the haves and squeeze the juice into the picture. Make sure you do it over the pitcher not on the cutting board. You will have a really sweet and sticky mess…trust me. Yes, I am speaking from experience.

7  Your hands will be a little messy. However, it is worth it. You want to get the juice in there and look at the pretty color. Squeeze until all the juice is out and then, drop the remaining strawberries into the pitcher. Continue to do this with all of the strawberries. This process may not seem too refined, in fact maybe, gross, but it will turn out. 🙂

8 Mine looked like this, and it will look better.

*Finally fill your pitcher with water. Take a spoon and mix up your fruit. Let flavor through in the refrigerator 5-6 hours. Serve over ice.


Even though it is only a few ingredients they all have benefits for your life.

Cucumbers:  They are rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin C and vitamin A, which help flush out toxins in your body.

Lemons: They strengthen immune system while improving digestive functions.

Both Lemons and Cucumbers help curb your appetite.  This will help you from sneaking in-between-meals.

Strawberries: Aside from the fact that they are delicious they are also really good for your skin. They have anti-aging properties as well.