In the Child’s Whisper My Savior Calls

“Dedicated to Fay Josephine and Ireland Bradi; whose tiny fingers, soft eyelashes, and quick smiles, helped these words flow from my heart.” 

In total darkness I stand.

Earnestly searching, for what has awoken me.

At the stable, I find myself wanting to enter.

While the world hides under the cloudy skies

a star twinkles and twirls

and finds itself shinning brightly,

farther into the stable.

A hush of breath escapes my lips,

as I attentively come around the corner.

For I worry that the




will awake the child.


The light shines around him, and I am puzzled.

Why here, why will it not go farther?

This quivering, innocent child, why does it stop upon his face.


The child who now,

it’s little fingers could barely grasp my hand.

The child who soon,

will take mankind in it’s embrace.

This child, while dozing softly in his mother’s arms

is the Messiah.


Carefully but certainly I shake my head,

knowing that I cannot present myself to him.

I have no cloak to cover my dirty shoulders;

to hide the misery I have seen, and the tragedy I cannot leave.

I have no hat, to hide my unwashed hair;

nor are my thoughts and actions so pure.

I have no animal to present,

nothing worthy of something

I know is far better than myself.



I cannot move.


selfishly I do not want to,

from his tiny smile

that touches the far corners of my heart

that had never felt such warmth,

beckons me to stay.


Suddenly, I’m not alone

and others clamber around him.

I’m shuffled to the back,

and know my exit is here.



Let the little children, 



I stumble and look about

but the hum of the voice continues.



All who are weary, 




Looking up at the star,

now understating why I’m awake.

I walk forward with my drum,

striking it to the beat of my pounding heart.





Let anyone 








It has been FAR too long since I have written a poem, just because I could. I have written several poems for my classes, that were required and needed to be a specific length, form, and rhythm. However, this poem is just a poem that I wanted to write.  However, I am stuck on the title of the poem. I was once told that the title of a poem is the invitation to a poem for the readers. If you have any suggestions, I would really appreciate it. For now, we will just call it, untitled.



Still, the clock hands

won’t move. Sound yearns

through the silent walls.

The hands stand still.


Timid, the light sways

in the room. The absence

of dark waits patiently.

The light fades.


Still, long forgotten are the notes

that played songs and stories

lingering on the laughter.

The piano collects dust.


Bare, the oak mantle stands

proud. But there is no

audience to entertain.

The room is bare.


Still, there were memories here

that haven’t been erased.

Perhaps just swept into a corner

waiting for the spring breeze.

To shake the memories, awake.


Middle of Winter

this mind aches for a poem.

She want to see the poetry in other’s

Yet such as this young girl wants rain in the middle of winter, 

the words are not there for her to write. 


A blank canvas, it is all out there

Yet, hidden in her own thoughts,

She feels puzzled, as the wall continues to push on her

this brain wants something to spark her heart

To pick something from the ordinary day


She seemed hesitant, losing her streak

Fighting to keep it, and trying to share it.

Fear and standards keep pushing her away

All these jumbled idea, bouncing around

to sort them out, it is frustrating


Although, because of her love

She will do just that, find the poem


Sometimes, it is easier to write things down

Then the thoughts that don’t matter

fall out, and the true ones, stay

For they know they will be the next piece of poetry.

How the times can change

In 1944, the musical Meet Me in St. Louis, Judy Garland preformed the song Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Hugh Martin wrote the sweet song and it has be modified many times. The song was used when Judy Garland’s character, Esther sings to her little sister.  The original lyrics are different than what we sing in the car today.

Some of they lyrics were, “Have yourself a merry little Christmas/ It may be your last/ Next year we may be living in the past/ Have yourself a merry little Christmas/ Pop that champagne cork/ Next year we may all be living in New York”.  When Martin brought the song to the director he described it as too depressing, so Martin changed the lyrics. Although you wasn’t happy to at first he changed some to the following.

Instead of, “It will be your last/ Next year we may be living in the past, because the more common lyrics., “ Let your heart be light/Next year all our troubles will be out of sight”. Personally, I like both, however, I think it is more popular with the new lyrics. Once recorded this song became poplar during WWII, which brought many soldiers to tears.

Later in 1957, Frank Sinatra was working on a Christmas Album, called A Jolly Christmas. Frank asked Martin if he could change to lyric, “Until then we’ll muddle through somehow”. Frank didn’t want his Album to sound too sound. So Martin changed it to, “Hang a shinning star upon the highest bough”. Another modified lyrics of the song even changed the title. It was called, Have Yourself a Blessed Christmas. This was done by Martin because of his religious ministry. Along with John Frickle made the whole song into a Christian song.  Some of the lyrics include: “Have yourself a blessed little Christmas / Christ the King is born / Let your voices ring upon this happy morn / Have yourself a blessed little Christmas/ Serenade the earth/ Tell the world we celebrate the Savior’s birth”.

I personally love this song. It seems to continue to stay in my head and my heart. I recently heard it sung by Christiana Aguilera. I also love, when the Celtic Women sing it, also Whitney Houston. She could sing it in a way, that melts my heart. There are many Christmas songs I love, but this one isn’t as popular as, Silent Night, or Santa Clause is coming to town.   That is it for today. I didn’t realize how long this was but I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Below are a few links to my favorite performances of the song. 🙂

Cristiana Aguilera ~

Whitney Houston~

Jonny Mathis~

Merry Christmas to all, for HE is born!

This Time is Here


In the month of  December I have decided to challenge myself to write poems, short stories, food for thoughts, anything you can image under the beautiful sky God has created. I did something similar to this back in October, and I loved it. So for the month of December, I will be writing every day. I am pretty excited about it.  If you have any suggestions, I will take them into consideration. I can’t say I will write about them all, but I do hope to right about December, Winter, Christmas, baby Jesus,  cookies, songs and I will even throw in Santa Clause…well you get the point. 🙂  My only limitations is that on Sunday and Thursday will defiantly be a poem day.  So without further ado….. 🙂

This Time is Here

The bells of Christmas have started

The trees, lights and stars have been placed.

Nativities  on the  shelves with lights cascading on it. 

I keep thinking…. so this is Christmas.

 Lyrics to a song, I can’t place right now

Christmas songs, in my head, all the time

A smile on my face.

Knowing the time is coming

The celebration the world knew of

Long ago, and yet today

We sing and dance

we shout his grace

Because this is Christmas. 

Merry Christmas to all for He is born!