Life is unpredictable.

It is hard and cold.

It can be sad and cruel.

But Life cHaNgEs, and that is what makes it so difficult.

We SEE life thought the eyes of binoculars. We look through and SEE only what we want to SEE. We only SEE the happy faces, laughing people.

Sometimes we let everything become our enemy when nothing really is.

We make mistakes but hide them with excuses so

we won’t have to feel bad about our failures.

But it is wrong, we have to let go. Learn to see life as an adventure because then we can see everything. When we explore life through the binoculars we see the highs and lows. We can take the blows of reality and love the hugs of hope.  We will realize we can’t predict the weather so why should we try to change the waves in the ocean or the rain that falls.

Life is Not poetry. Poetry is what is inside us. Life has the words. You can look at a rock, the wind and a bird and say,

“The wind wiped through the rocks as a bird flew across the water, fighting.”

But when the world faces you……….

Sometimes it helps to Close Your Eyes

Clean Your Mind ( and yes it might take awhile)

Let the Wind Blow Across you Face Through Your Clothes

and Wait.

                                               By Victoria Kenow