The sparks of freedom illuminate the sky

A crack of noise to express our joy Independence day is no small fleet

But a grand occasion

celebrated only at it’s greatest.

Decorated from head to toe
Proudly expressing our red, white and blue.
The tears that were shed
from victories long ago
still resonate in our hearts
As we gently remember the freedom given to us

How brave they were
To go into uncharted battles
Not just with guns but with words. Fighting for such a valuable intangible item One that boast in pride
and celebrates in blessing

All that was given
a gift so rare
The giver of life, gives us freedom God, who blesses America

In 1776, July 4th
A new time was born
One that stretched from each fingertip of a person With this new direction
Liberty was born

Happy 4th of July



*pictured provided by Google Images