Society’s Social Acceptance of Growing Up

People who grew up in smalls, who have a desire to leave, will. You don’t need to worry. If their passions are farther from home boundaries you won’t be able to stop them, and you shouldn’t. Just like you shouldn’t  stop those who want to stay. I grew up in a small town. It wasn’t so small that we know everyone’s life choices, but it was a good community. Guess what? I love it!  I love where I grew up and I don’t want to leave. I have dreams of my own that allow me to stay where I grew up. But why is it that my dreams don’t seem big enough or aren’t grand enough?

Let me ask you something. After high school it is more of the “norm” to leave the home front. But not just leave, but change zip codes and states. Far distances away. Because that is more socialy acceptable than me, going to college two blocks from my home. However, lets move on because after college you have your job. Your brilliant job that you think you want. So you move even farther from your parents because that is part of growing up, spreading your wings. Flying away from traditions, and family get togethers. You start to miss your brother’s graduation, and your Dad’s 50th birthday party. And even if you go to work and you get your pay check and you have a semi- ok apartment, you’ve done it! You have done exactly what is acceptable of you, from society.

But what if that isn’t anything you want?  Some people live those lives and they love it. It is all great, but some people don’t want it. What if you just want to live in the same state and even zip code of your family? Would that be such a bad thing?

I have a very tight- knit family. If you asked me how big my family was? I would probably say around 15, as my immediate family. Not because I have lot and lots of siblings but because my family lives close. My Aunt and Uncle live two blocks from my house, along with their five kids, my cousins. So they are seven and my family is six, so that is thirteen and then my grandparents live an hour and a half from Seward, Nebraska.  It is more than the fact that we physically live close. My parents have brought us up on good morals, lots of love and the faith of Jesus Christ. So yeah we are very close. Everyone of my cousins went to Concordia. My older sister went and I attend there. But you don’t hear much about that. When you meet someone and start asking about their family it is difficult  to keep track of them on the map. But that is more accepted in today’s world than saying, my family mostly lives in the same state.

I might be ranting a little bit, but only because there are hopefully others that feel the same way. I just want to say my peace and hope others know that they aren’t the only ones out there.

Happy First Day of Summer! Remember that your family is always there for you, and remember to say Happy Father’s day to your Dad! 🙂