Today I am a Wildflower


Today I am a wildflower. 

                        Blowing in the breeze

                                          with not a care in the world. 

I am curious about everything.

And excited to see where the day takes me. 

I  am noticed

                 but not searched after.

                                     For most see me as a weed.

A pretty, but still something that

                                  crowds the flowers planted by the planter. 

But I do not mind.

Because I go where the wind blows.

       I twirl and

                    move effortlessly.

Because what is not to love about the day?   

I go with almost every color and though it might get cold I have strength to grown on the toughest soil. 



Perhaps what we search for is something we have, only hidden.

For what is lost was once without ownership, perhaps it was made lost and then found.

As I look up at the skies, the clouds bundled up like disk bumping into each

My gaze could stay on them for hours.

If we search for a good day, what will we find?

          For a windy day is just, windy

          As is the night, cold

          The morning, still and sleepy

          A harmful day is broken

          and a good day, pleasant.

As the trees grow and the grass sways the moments change.

What are we doing, if only living in the transitions of life.

Only stopping to get our footing and then starting again.

                                                                               To be still in the day?

                                                                               What would we find then?

          Something lost?

          Something cold and windy?

          Something that was pleasant is now broken?

 Or would we find something hidden?

First day of Autumn

The best way to describe the first day of fall magical. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better day…. 

Big swift movements the rain continued to fall down. 

Lading in big puddles with a splat. 

The continued threat of more and more rain to fall came true at 9:20 am 

Big buckets of rain drops.  

One group of rain equalled several soaked students.

And  there  were   m  i  l  l  i  o  n  s  of groups of rain. 

The air stayed cool, unlike our previously humid days after a showered .

 The sort of cool that requires LayEriNg

It is a chill that makes our heart skip and hands turn a pale white. 

But why was it magical?

Because I am sure after explaining that you all might  

want to curl up in a ball and wish for the sun. 

When I opened my front door 

I was captured by this warmth. 

Sweet rich homade food 

My family knows my love 

For autumn so it was easy to assume what were were having supper. 

Autumn soup and homade bread with blueberry raspberry jam. 

Life isn’t much better that it was sitting down with them.


Thank you God for giving me My Autumn Day, First day of Autumn, September 23, 2014